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Saturday, December 21, 2013

We Had A Cool Yule!


It’s that time again…the wheel turns once more and today we celebrate the Winter Solstice (First day of Winter) aka Yule! Typically, I prepare in advance for a ritual, but I’ve been so busy making their Yule gifts, that I neglected to do so. I feel like such a crappy Wiccan…but my family always come first, so what can I say? We did make time to go for a walk and enjoy a very warm first “Winter” day. We discussed the day’s importance and what is happening with the seasonal changes (and what is happening south of the equator). All in all, it was a perfectly lovely Solstice. As the end of the day drew near, it was time for me to present our girls with my hard work!


For MHG “Mouse in a Tin”.

IMG_7651   IMG_7653

For Cindy a faery or gnome tree dollhouse. It’s all fabric and portable.


For MHG, a portable Tic-Tac-Toe gameset. She loved it and beat me a few times!



IMG_7661   IMG_7663

For Cindy, a portable alphabet gameset. All different textures and colors of fabrics.




Also for Cindy, a little frog for her new dollhouse.

IMG_7667   IMG_7668

IMG_7669   IMG_7670IMG_7671   IMG_7672IMG_7673   IMG_7675IMG_7676   IMG_7677


IMG_7679   IMG_7680IMG_7681   IMG_7684IMG_7685   IMG_7686


Well, the girls loved their gifts and we all had a fun night of playing with them before bed! I love these kinds of gifts for them, because not only do they come from the heart, but they are great for sparking imaginative play! No batteries required!

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