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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Merry RV Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! We are in Phoenix this year, so it is our first WARM Christmas…and we are definitely not complaining! After we finished our Christmas Eve festivities (Read “December Is Smokin’ Hot!!! to see what we did) we set out the Silk, cookie and carrot for Santa and his Reindeer. MHG laid her letter to Santa next to it and while I was tucking her into bed, she gave me ANOTHER letter for him. The 1st letter was a standard letter to the big guy, but the 2nd letter was asking him to wake her up and write her back once he arrived.



Santa Letter edited

Santa Letter edited 2



Well, King Christmas did in fact show up and he did write MHG back. He didn’t wake her up though because she was sleeping so soundly. He did however, give her a kiss on the cheek! He had stuck her letter in the Christmas tree, which she found around 3:30 in the morning and I caught her in bed reading it. I was quite surprised that he had written her back, but it was still far too early to be up yet. We all went back to sleep and for the first time in our lives, we didn’t ALL wake up on Christmas morning until 8:30am!!! It was a Christmas miracle!


Letter From Santa


Before I get started, I need to say something first. When you live in an RV, you are always consciously aware of your weight restrictions. In order to make way for the stuff coming INTO the RV on Christmas Day, we had to substantially get rid of a decent amount of stuff. This meant going through the girls’ toys. What hasn’t been played with? What has been outgrown? What no longer serves its purpose? Books were weeded through. Clothes were tossed if they had stains or rips or no longer fit. Even spare bedding was whittled down because we don’t all need 3 sets of sheets. I probably eliminated about a hundred pounds of stuff…which unfortunately, is most likely what came right back into our home on Christmas morning.

With that being said, what happened next was nothing short of the full Christmas fanfare… Cindy ended up with THREE new frogs, on top of the 2 she already has. Seriously. How many frogs does one kid need? She’s not into owls anymore. :(

Cindy frogs   IMG_7817

I had just told Onyx to “speak”. That’s why he looks so scary, lol! What is in MHG’s box below?


A led light-up Monster High watch from Nonnie and Papoo! She says “Omg! Thank you so much!” They got Cindy a set of cutable food…veggies this time. Cindy REALLY likes to cut her play food, so this is an awesome gift that will get plenty of use! (She has amassed quite the pantry of play food!) Gotta love toys that spark the imagination!


IMG_7823   IMG_7826

A gift card to Once Upon A Child! Oh heck yea! Thank you H! MHG got one too! (We later bought a few shirts, pants and 2 movies with them.)

IMG_7825   IMG_7831

A little gnome family to play in the portable dollhouse I made her!


New shoes for Gigi! MHG had dropped 1 down her Grandparents’ banister back in November. It was never to be seen again. Only Santa could have known that, so he brought Gigi a brand new pair of the exact same shoes!!! (That was 1st on her list.)

Second on her list was a bunch of torsos to make “build-a-monster” dolls. You buy them in a 2-pack at the store, but they only come with 1 torso, so you can only build 1 doll at a time. Now, she can build as many as she wants! Third on her list, was a Scarah Screams doll. She was the Comic-con special issued doll from 2 years ago. They mass produced her this year (thank goodness cuz the original doll is in the $200 range now) for those of us that aren’t exactly collectors.

IMG_7838   IMG_7834

From Santa to Cindy, was a mushroom table and chairs set, a mushroom piano and a mushroom harp for her gnome family. A tube of woodland animals to go with her dollhouse, also from H.

IMG_7836   IMG_7837


This was from Nic and I because she was with me when I bought it. Toralei dolls are hard to come by…let alone one for just $10.


IMG_7845   IMG_7846

A new “Crappy”…that’s the name we gave her last baby doll after it went thru hell and back. Baby got a potty chair too!


She got her first boy doll “Heath Burns” and another new ghoul “Twyla” from the new 13 Wishes movie.

IMG_7848   IMG_7849

They got matching nightgowns and both of THOSE came with matching nightgowns for their baby dolls as well. Very cute!

IMG_7852   IMG_7881

Mordecai and Rigby pull-string dolls from the TV show on Cartoon Network: That Regular Show. Nic and the girls love watching it together. Cindy later ended up stealing MHG’s doll (Mordecai) and no one wants poor Rigby. :(

IMG_7856   IMG_7859

More Regular Show toys…tiny action figures. (I think these were more for Daddy though than for the girls, lol.)


From Ahdoo and I: the last thing on her list that she wanted…The Headless Head Mistress and her pet horse Nightmare. She almost plowed her Father over with excitement and thanks! (He didn’t want to stab her with the knife in his hand.) She got the drawing pad too, but I didn’t include pics of EVERY single thing they got, otherwise this would be a REALLY long blog post.

IMG_7864   IMG_7865

She was just a tad bit excited to get it, lol!


Some Scooby Doo stuff for Cindy from Daddy and I. (She’s obsessed with Daphne.) A new set of the Mystery Inc. gang and a Scooby Doo lighthouse that does all kinds of spooky stuff and has hidden traps and such. It’s fun.


IMG_7867   IMG_7874

A Green Toys brand sandwich making set. I like their toys because they’re made from 100% recycled plastic. Also, their food building toys stack together via a male to female interlocking system. It makes it easier for toddlers to build a sandwich or slice of pizza without the ingredients slipping out.

IMG_7870   IMG_7871

IMG_8302   IMG_8304

Some more assorted items from H. Monster High stationary items, a MH beach towel and a lap desk with a light and cup holder…handy for road trips!!! Thank you!

IMG_7872 IMG_7869 lap desk

A Goodnight Owl book (I also got MHG a book on synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms), her own hairbrush and FROG reward stickers!

 IMG_7879 IMG_7883 IMG_7884

Daphne ended up driving the combine. Some educational puzzles and don’t those shades look cute on her!



Yeah, after looking through all these pictures, my kids are too spoiled. You wouldn’t be able to tell that we live in an RV, that’s for sure! Thanks to everyone that sent them gifts this year. That was very kind of you and they loved every single thing!!!

Ahdoo and I got a few items as well. :)  For myself, a new veggie chopper, dress, sandals, bracelet, RVing stickers, a headband holding hanger and picture that says “Let us be Grateful for the Miracle of each new morning”…isn’t that true! Also, I received a new headband, pendant, calendar, and a cute little rv that slides over a key on my keychain…it says “see the world”. I would love to, but I’ll just start with the U.S. for now! Tigger made himself a new home in my gift box. Thank you H for all of the things except the veggie slicer…that was from Santa. ;)

IMG_7900 IMG_7906 IMG_7909

IMG_7903   IMG_7905

I loved EVERYTHING! It was all so very me, so very boho chic!

IMG_7915 IMG_7916

IMG_7914 IMG_7921

For Ahdoo, 2 new pairs of pajama pants: Superman and green camo, and a back scratcher. (Tax refund time is more of our Christmas. That’s when we gift each other with something.)

IMG_7841   IMG_7894

The back scratcher screws together or apart to be stored. Always a good idea if you’re a full-timer!

IMG_7897 IMG_7898 IMG_7899

We spent the remainder of the day playing with our stuff and relaxing. Eventually, the girls and I went for a walk while we called all our loved ones to wish them a Merry Christmas!!! Nic was emptying the black tank while we were on our walk…that wasn’t so merry, lol… He also found a dead bird under our RV while doing so. The bird must’ve just died though cuz he wasn’t yucky yet. He disposed of it and all was well. How’s that for Christmas memories, haha!

Cindy and I set up the dollhouse I made her with her new critter friends, gnomes and furniture.

 IMG_7963 IMG_7965

I am happy to also report, that everything fits safely inside for portable mode! My goal is to be able to bring this for her while we are in transit mode. It’ll give her something to play with and keep her distracted for a while I hope. I doubt the furniture can come, but the gnomes and a couple critter friends should be able to at least. :)


For dinner, Nic grilled us out some burgers and corn on the cob. It was a 5-star meal for him because he hasn’t grilled out since we left Virginia. (We were under the impression that we could only use electric or gas grills here…we were wrong.) We had some wine, sparkling cider for the girls and some cookies and everyone passed out exhausted after a long and exciting day!

We had a truly wonderful Christmas!!! We were so happy to be able to actually spend it with Daddy this year! Even if we had gotten nothing, it still would’ve trumped last year’s Christmas with him gone. It makes us appreciate what is really important on this special day: Being together as a united family. (And yes, I put on makeup to take 1 picture, lol!)


The day was no different celebrating it in an RV than the years past spending it in a sticks and bricks home. We were together, and Santa had no trouble finding us in Arizona this year. P.S. I LOVE my new dress!!!

We love you all and hope your Christmas was magical and marvelous as well!

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