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Sunday, November 10, 2013

What Do You Mean “It’s Closed”?

We’re on a trip from Virginia to Arizona for work and we’ve so far experienced 3 drunk drivers in North Carolina, a mega-hangover at Uncle Ron’s in Atlanta, GA and a nearly blown tire just before we crossed into Tennessee. After such an adventurous drive through the remainder of Georgia, I was praying for an uneventful drive through beautiful Tennessee. My prayers were *mostly* answered.

TN sign

We hit Chattanooga, TN and I was all “ooooooo” and “ahhhhhh” as we drove around the city. We were just minutes away from hitting the Appalachian Mountains. Compared to the Rockies…they don’t have the white tips that I’m used to seeing, however, they are every bit as much mountains as my Rockies are. They are tall (compared to the sea level ground they’re jutting out from), covered in forests and oh. my. god. the fall color…there are no words.

IMG_5398 IMG_5394 IMG_5391

IMG_5385 IMG_5384 IMG_5383

IMG_5380 IMG_5378

IMG_5377 IMG_5374 IMG_5372IMG_5371

IMG_5370 IMG_5369 IMG_5365

I have waited my whole life to see the Appalachian Mountains during Autumn and the moment did NOT disappoint. I wanted to cry. It was just so beautiful.






That was just the beginning…we are just now making the trek into and UP the mountains…




IMG_5412   IMG_5415



IMG_5422   IMG_5424


 IMG_5430   IMG_5431


IMG_5434   IMG_5439


 IMG_5449  IMG_5453

IMG_5458   IMG_5460



After we got through the mountains, we were coming up to Nashville for our next stop. We were very excited. MHG grabbed my phone and took the liberty of going on my maps app and looked up the Parthenon. That’s where we were going to visit in Nashville. If you’ve ever seen the first Percy Jackson movie, you’ll know that they have to go there to fight the Hydra and steal one of Persephone’s Pearls off of the giant statue of Athena. MHG has been begging us to go there for months and I promised her we would.

Open mouth, insert foot. Seconds later, she informs us that the Parthenon is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Yea ok, how would you know that? Well, my brilliant daughter had typed it into the maps app. She found it, clicked on the link to its website, went to it’s “Hours of Operation” once there and noticed that we were minutes away from rolling up to a closed exhibit. How could I have let this happen? How come I didn’t think to do that?

I felt like the crappiest Mom in the Universe. She remained perfectly calm…especially considering she just had her hopes dashed. She knew before even asking that there was no way we could stick around town for the night because it was closed the next day. As I was about to burst into tears, I’m thinking that I should be consoling my daughter and here she was consoling me. I told her I felt terrible and she just patted me on the back saying “It’s ok Mommy. Now we’ll just get to Colorado faster to see everyone!”

How was I ever blessed with such a bright and sweet little angel. (That’s a rhetorical question.) Now that we know it’s hours, I told her that the next time we are making our way back across the country, if we are close, we’ll stop to see it!

So here we go, bypassing Nashville to not see the Parthenon…


 IMG_5465 IMG_5467



Lyss, you live in a GORGEOUS state! I can totally see why you would want to live here! Hopefully the next time we’re in it, we won’t just be passing through. It would’ve been wonderful to see you all!


Until we meet again Tennessee.

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