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Monday, November 18, 2013

Those Saguaro Cacti Really DO Exist!

Not that I ever doubted that for a second…I just wanted to see it with my own 2 eyes. Perhaps the cartoons, movies, documentaries and pictures this whole time were portraying them inaccurately or something? Well, let me tell you, they DO exist and they are quite a sight to behold! They don’t all look the same either…for the record.

So, our trip from Virginia to Arizona has been pretty long but successful. We’ve only hit a couple proverbial bumps in the road, but otherwise have made it unscathed. We’ve travelled close to 3,000 miles and have logged over 40 hours on the road. It’s taken us 12 days to get here, but that’s just because we stopped a few times along the way to see friends and family.

We’ve experienced the Atlantic Ocean and towering Oak trees (not to mention the woodland jungles on the James River) of the East Coast, passed through the land of peaches, and took in with all its awe and beauty the stunning Appalachian Mountains and their breathtaking fall color. We stayed with our family in Atlanta and have driven through the Heartland of America, past all the harvested fields of corn and beans. We’ve climbed in altitude our way up Colorado to the Rocky Mountains where we had originally left our friends and family behind. Seeing the city lights of our beloved home lit up in the dark nearly brought tears to my eyes. After a week there, we scaled our way back down those mountains to pass through the land of enchantment. New Mexico WAS quite enchanting too, with all of its mountains, deserts, plateaus and red rocks! Now, after seeing all of that, we’re treated to Arizona and all it has to offer…and trust me, it’s got a LOT to offer in the way of seeing things!


IMG_6259 IMG_6260


IMG_6265 IMG_6280





IMG_6309 IMG_6310

IMG_6311 IMG_6328 IMG_6324

IMG_6330 IMG_6347

  IMG_6350 IMG_6352


IMG_6362 IMG_6368


Well, we made it to the top of the mountain. We took a minute at a scenic overlook to give the truck a minute to catch its breath before heading back DOWN said mountain.









IMG_6389 IMG_6390


IMG_6399 IMG_6400

IMG_6405 IMG_6416


Here’s 2 signs that suck to see in conjunction (when you’re an RVer.) Steep downhill grade AND winding road! Woohoo! At least there are plenty of runaway truck ramps…as long as you don’t go careening off the side of the mountain before you reach one, lol!

IMG_6421 IMG_6427



IMG_6442 IMG_6447


Ladies and Gentlemen…without further adieu, I give you…the Saguaro Cactus! I think they are so cool…and cute!







No one told me there were Palm trees in Phoenix…imagine my surprise (and delight) when we came over a crest and there were Palm trees everywhere! I was giddy! (I really love trees!)


We had to make a last minute change to our plans though. We had originally wanted to stay at Pleasant Harbor, but I wasn’t the only one with that idea. It kinda slipped my mind that every snow bird in the country that is staying in Arizona might want to be where there’s water. They had only one opening left that would fit our RV, and it was $900/mo. That was a little steep…not to mention it was 45 minutes away from Nic’s worksite. I made a few phone calls and we headed to a different resort that was much closer to his work…and less expensive. (I was happy when we pulled up and they had a bunch of Palm trees too!)

IMG_6531   IMG_6533

AND they have citrus fruit trees all over the resort as well! We are free to pick as much as we can consume!


IMG_6536 IMG_6535 IMG_6537

We got to our sight, parked and began to weigh anchor as the girls finally got set loose. They ran around and played with their truck and bike. Not sure if you can see it, but there are mountains behind us…there’s actually mountains completely circling us. They refer to Phoenix as “The Valley” and rightfully so. We made it before nightfall…barely. The sun was setting before we even unhitched! What a long day.


IMG_6541   IMG_6542




After a long day of driving through 2 states, this is what the girls looked like around 7 o’clock. They even put themselves to bed! Anyone that knows Cindy too, will say that that is unheard of for my darling little angel. She typically needs Mommy to lie down with her to fall asleep. Not tonight though. She didn’t get on her pj’s…she didn’t even manage to hit her pillow but she didn’t care! I didn’t hear from either of them til 10am the following morning. (Nic was off to work bright and early, long before any of us got up. That man is amazing…he didn’t even complain about it.)


Nic and I set up our chairs outside, cracked a cold one and high-fived each other because we did it…again! Another successful cross-country adventure…and in under 6 months! Not too shabby for a couple of young dreamers that just started full timing back in May.

Thank you to everyone that opened your doors to us, that fed us, that helped us somehow and that hung out with us…among many other things along the way. Also, thank you to those of you that dropped your plans on such short notice to make that happen! We love you all and we’re so glad to have been able to see you! To anyone we missed this time around, hopefully next time will be different and that won’t happen!

The past 12 days have been a complete whirlwind, but it was so worth it (we almost didn’t go to Colorado and were just going to stick to a southerly route!) Now, we’ve got a schedule to get back to and lots of homeschooling to catch up on!

See you on the flip side!

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