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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kentucky And Illinois At Night

We’re on a trip from Virginia to Arizona for work and we’ve so far experienced 3 drunk drivers in North Carolina, a really fun time visiting with Uncle Ron and Mike in Atlanta, GA and a nearly blown tire just before we crossed into Tennessee. The rest of Tennessee was gorgeous and uneventful except for the fact that we were unable to take MHG to the Parthenon in Nashville. The Parthenon was closed on Sunday and Monday. She was bummed, but said we were just going to to our friends and family in Colorado faster. She’s such a mature little girl.


After spending the day driving out of Georgia and through Tennessee, we made it to Kentucky a couple hours before sunset. It was just in time to stop at a Flying J Denny’s for dinner. We ate a quick and yummy meal, and took a couple minutes to gaze at the waxing gibbous moon just before hitting the road for the rest of the day’s journey. Our goal was to drive through Kentucky, Southern Illinois and stop for the night an hour past St. Louis in Warrenton, MO. There is a Flying J gas station there that we boondocked at before (back in June) on our way from Colorado to Virginia. It was a friendly sort of place and we felt safe staying the night there again.



Illinois state sign

Not long after crossing into Illinois, we came up to the beautiful sight of St. Louis in the distance. Every single time I cross the Mississippi River, I think of “home” and long to go visit my family in Midwestern Illinois, but that’s not happening this time. We have a deadline to make and we’re trying to make it to Colorado by Tuesday evening. You can vaguely make out the St. Louis Arch in the 2 pics below.



I’m pretty sure I was trying to photograph the St. Louis Ram’s stadium, but I just like how the lights are all squiggly due to my camera’s lack of ability to take pictures at night while moving.


All in a day’s work. We’ve been driving for about 12 hours and we have 1 more to go. Goodnight everyone. Tomorrow we have Missouri and Kansas to tackle and then it’s Rocky Mountains here we come!

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