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Friday, November 29, 2013

I Need Your Help Please

I’ve been tinkering around, trying to make a button for our blog. I am quite fond of ALL of them and can’t decide. So…I’m going to run a poll to hopefully see which one YOU all like best. If you could really help me out on this I will greatly appreciate it.  I’m going to number them 1-10 and you can either leave me a message in my comments section, email me @, call or text me (for those of you with my #) or contact me via facebook. Just put the # of which 1 you like best and please only pick 1…it’s already hard enough, lol!


1. BHHB Graphic SQUARE big sparkles 2. BHHB Graphic SQUARE colorful 3. BHHB graphic square light trails 4. BHHB Graphic SQUARE yellow burst 5. BHHB Graphic SQUARE sparkle

6. BHHB mirrored Graphic SQUARE stars 7. BHHB mirrored Graphic SQUARE suzani 8. BHHB mirrored Graphic SQUARE hope 9. BHHB mirrored Graphic SQUARE bed 10.BHHB mirrored Graphic SQUARE beaded trim


Thanks so much in advance!

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