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Friday, November 8, 2013

Georgia On My Mind

Day 2 of our trip from Virginia to Arizona and the next stop is Uncle Ron. I’ve been wanting to see him again since we partied together at my brother-in-law and sister-in-laws wedding in 2009. I also had been dying to finally meet Mike and Bailey! My wish was granted. We journeyed South to visit with them for a couple days, before we headed home to Colorado, to visit with more family and friends.

We hit the road early, and by 11 am, we crossed the South Carolina/Georgia border.

georgia sign 2 

We drove a couple more hours before we finally hit Atlanta. Seeing the pretty fall colors in Georgia was wonderful. They had ORANGE pine trees! It was the most far-out thing that I’ve ever seen! Yes, that’s a Pine tree folks! I have no idea what kind though…

  orange pine


tree 1

tree 3

tree 2

Once we started coming into the city, it was a whole new ballgame. We may have avoided traffic by arriving after lunchtime, but being a city, there were still plenty of idiots on the road to deal with. People seriously have no idea how hard it is to stop a 28’-10,000 pound trailer! Everyone just cuts us off left and right and slams on their brakes the second they’re in front of us. Thank you jerk. I’m sure our Ram 2500 would just level your crappy little car, leaving us to wonder if we just ran over a skunk or hit a speed bump?

atlanta sign

Let the fun begin… Oh, and here’s a pic for Fulltime Families FB page in regards to “Friday Feet”… we’re rollin’ into Atlanta on Friday and my feet are thrilled to be seeing Uncle Ron very soon.

Atl feet

It may be a beautiful city, but “city” is just code for “Oh crap, let’s see how high we can elevate our blood pressure?” and “I wonder how many more grey hairs will pop up?” Not to mention Uncle Ron, our GPS and Good Sam’s trip planner were all giving us conflicting directions to his house. Yay. In the end, he told us to listen to the GPS, we did and arrived safe and sound.

Atl Skyline


There he is! The man of the hour! We arrived to Uncle Ron’s house in one piece and were grateful that we made it through the city without any issues.


Once we arrived, the girls got quickly acquainted with Bailey (their doggie) as we attempted to mount our next obstacle.

Bailey Girls

Bailey MHG

Cindy and Bailey

A lot of things, it seems, are never easy with this RV. Once we got there, we were faced with quite the dilemma. We had to back our 28’ (31’ with the hitch) trailer down his “S” shaped driveway-between 2 trees no less, and because it was on an incline, we literally “dragged” parts of it. At the time, we were *pretty sure* that we only were dragging the stairs and possibly the stabilizer jacks (a little bit). This process took about 30 minutes. 20 Of those minutes were spent trying to figure out how we were going to get the trailer down there. 10 Of those minutes were actually backing it down. My Husband’s newfound trailer driving skills never cease to astound me. Seriously, I wish I could’ve recorded him actually backing it down. Once we finished, it was perfectly situated between Uncle Ron and his neighbor’s home and we were all set. In case you’re wondering why we didn’t hop the curb and just back it straight down the lawn, the ground was spongy and we didn’t want to get it stuck AND we were worried about messing up our tanks (and possibly losing them) on the curb. Poo in the yard, I’m pretty sure, would’ve been a no bueno.  ;)

backing up

S driveway

He nearly jack-knived a handful of times trying to miss that damn tree. It’s all good though. We did it and so it’s just yet another story to tell. ;)

For dinner, Uncle Ron cooked his family’s yummy Macaroni and Gravy with Meatballs (for those of you who aren’t Italian, that’s Rigatoni and homemade Red Pasta Sauce with Meatballs). It was delicious! (I even tried a meatball…when in Rome…)

After the girls enjoyed dessert, I gave them a bath in his giant bath tub. It might be standard sized…I’m not exactly sure…but when you compare it to ours, it’s CAVERNOUS! I’m pretty sure that…or Bailey (the dog)…was the highlight of their trip thus far. I got the the girls to bed in their own room upstairs and Uncle Ron, Mike, Nic and I partook in some spirits…boy did we ever! A few of those bottles started out unopened and were empty by the end of the night!


********* 11/9/13 *********

I had the worst hangover of my LIFE the next day. I seriously was still hung over by that following night. It was worth it though. We had a great time catching up with Uncle Ron and getting to know Mike. We had such a fabulous time! Hungover or not, we grabbed the girls and Uncle Ron showed us around “The Village”. Even though their address actually IS Atlanta, they were on the outskirts of it and there was this cute little shopping area with all kinds of stores, bars, clubs and restaurants. He took us to the park he walks Bailey at, and they all played on the playground for a little bit. Bailey even went down the slide for his first time! It was one of he cutest things I have ever seen. He and Uncle Ron both looked like they really enjoyed it! Obviously, the girls had a blast!

Bailey slide

IMG_5253   IMG_5268

IMG_5261 IMG_5254 IMG_5266

I have no idea what this is, but Nic found it while we were walking around and he and I both thought it was cool. It used to be a payphone…I think.


IMG_5269 IMG_5270

We all went down to this cool place to get a burger, but they couldn’t serve us food because the girls were minors. We found it odd, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Uncle Ron and Bailey returned home while we took the girls to grab a bite to eat at Wendy’s. I know, we’re so adventurous, lol. Once we got back, we all just hung out and Nic and I worked on nursing our hangovers for a while. Later that night, Mike ran to the Village to bring us all back some To. Die. For. Pizza! Holy cow! It was amazing!

No drinking for me that night! In fact, I went to put the girls to bed, fell asleep with them for a couple hours, and when I got up around 11pm to find everyone, everybody was asleep too! Bummer. It was probably for the better anyways. We were to have an early start in the morning and I needed all the sleep I could get. I just laid back down with the girls, let Nic have the other guest bed all to himself, and fell back asleep.

********* 11/10/13 *********

The following morning, after we all got ready, battened down the hatches in the RV, loaded up the kitties into the cab and got all of our stuff loaded up, we took a few more pictures. We had such a wonderful time with the guys, but it was time to get back on the road. We were on a very tight schedule if we were to make it to Colorado by Tuesday night. It would’ve been lovely to stay a few more days, but he had a LOT to take care of in Colorado and we were gonna need every second to spare.




Thank you so much Uncle Ron and Mike for having us! We deeply appreciate your gracious hospitality and look forward to visiting with you guys again! You have a beautiful home and that big baby Bailey is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. We had a wonderful time with you all and love you very much.

We hit the road and headed out of the city. Leaving Atlanta at 10am, on a Sunday morning, was easy peasy…way easier than heading in on a Friday afternoon. It probably just seemed easier because we had already driven through it once. We bid Atlanta farewell and enjoyed the scenery on our way to Chattanooga, TN which was to be our next destination. Technically, Nashville was our real goal though. We wanted to take MHG to see the Parthenon.










A couple hours later, we were just a few minutes from the Georgia/Tennesse border, when our RV made that sound you hear when you drive off the interstate onto the shoulder of the road…that corrugated sound. The thing is though, that we were in our lanes, both of us had our eyes on the road and neither of us saw anything that we could’ve hit. Our next destination (a Flying J gas station) wasn’t for another 20 miles! As I started to worry, I looked up and saw a sign that said “Rest Stop-1/2 mile”. Oh thank goodness! I told Nic we should stop just to double-check that everything’s ok, so we pulled into the rest stop and hopped out.

I headed down the length of the RV on my side and started yelling for Nic. He was checking out the driver’s side of the RV and came rushing over. He was greeted with the view that I had been staring at in disbelief…

(Read: “An *Almost* Blown Tire” for the continuance)

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