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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Best. Friends. Forever.

We’re travelling from Virginia to Arizona. We’re staying in Colorado for about a week to visit with our family and friends, offload some stuff into storage and tie up some loose ends around town. We got off to a bit of a rocky start a couple days ago, but we’re having a fantastic time now thanks to a fun evening last night with our BFF’s. Speaking of which, today MHG gets to see her BFF and we’re gonna visit with Grandma in the morning and evening.


We started out our day by heading to Grandma’s. My poor Mom has some of the WORST luck on the planet lately. She was scooping up her laundry from the bathroom floor, when a really long splinter got lodged under her fingernail! She wanted me to try to remove it, but I took one look and said i couldn’t. It was all the way down to the moon of her nail bed. She must’ve known that I couldn’t do it in advance, because as we headed to her home, she made an appointment to see a doctor. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for us, her appointment time worked out wonderfully. That’s when we were going to visit MHG’s bestie.

We spent the morning with my Mom, hanging out and playing and really just messing around. We told her all about our crazy, adventurous drive to Colorado and all the fun we had in Virginia. It was good to see my Mom again. We missed her a lot.




IMG_5648 IMG_5650 IMG_5649

IMG_5656 IMG_5657

A little after lunch it was time for all of us to go our separate ways for a couple hours. We planned to come back to hang out for dinner. We headed to E’s home so the girls could play and we Mom’s could catch up.

MHG knew where we were headed, but we had Sarah keep it a secret from E in order to surprise her. When we pulled up, the curtains were drawn and MHG went up to ring the bell. Sarah had E get the door (much to E’s confusion, lol), and the moment was priceless. E just stood there, in utter shock. She couldn’t believe her eyes. MHG pretty much pounced on her, and that’s about when E realized her BFF was standing on her doorstep. I wanted to cry, it was such a special and tender moment between them.




Cindy occupied herself playing with all their toys. They have 4 darling little kiddos and all the stuff you could imagine to entertain them, so visiting their home is like stepping foot in a toy store! 

Sarah is quite the inspirational woman. She home educates all 4 of her kiddos, using curriculum that she pieces together to perfectly fit all their individual needs, strengths and weaknesses. I can’t even do that for MHG, let alone FOUR kids! (I wouldn’t know where to begin. That’s why I buy boxed curriculum.) She cooks these spectacular meals for her family completely from scratch, and we aren’t talking mac ‘n’ cheese and hot dogs here folks. Every time I’ve visited there, she’s got something yummy cooking…or baking…or rising…or mixing…or prepping…or, well, you get the idea.

During our visit this last time, she was making homemade caramel popcorn for a snack for the kids. Seriously! A homemade snack? You can do that? I chuck a package of fruit snacks at my kids from across the room and call it good usually. It was To. Die. For. by the way. I am in utter awe of the woman, so that makes her pretty much my hero (if you can’t already tell). Did I also mention that she was a Neo-Natal R.N. before she decided to be a stay at home Mom? Her and her Husband sacrificed her additional (and probably pretty awesome) income so that she could be there for her kids. Anyone that has a 2 income household can attest to the impact that would have when one income suddenly is absent…but I think it’s amazing that regardless of that, they assessed where their priorities lied and it wasn’t in “Keeping up with the Joneses”. In this day and age, when society teaches us to consume from the second we’re born, it’s rare when you see someone making lots of money and they decided that enough is enough. Less is more. I think that speaks volumes for the type of parents they are, and I say “Good for you guys!” If only more people did that…

Most importantly though, she’s such a caring, loving, and compassionate lady. She’s always asking how I’m doing and if I’m well, or wants to know if I’d like to talk. Have you met me? When do I NOT want to talk? It’s a terrible habit for me…really. It’s hard when she approaches me like that to NOT go on and on about myself for hours. I have to consciously tell myself to shut up after a while. Side note-she would make an EXCELLENT shrink, lol! She creates such a warm and inviting atmosphere between being so down-to-earth and her incredibly delicious smelling home. (If you guys think I’m talking her up, check out her blog and see for yourself how kick ass she is: Mudpies and Makeup.)

Sidenote: All my friends are just as cool as Sarah, but in their own way. They all have their own unique talents and abilities that make them special. That’s what I love about them. I’m sorry if any of you feel left out that I haven’t talked about your traits as much as hers. Please know that I think you rock, too!

Here’s all our girls playing together downstairs.


Eventually the 3 oldest girls made their way outside to jump on the giant trampoline. Cindy had to stay inside because I just get freaked out about a 2 year old on a trampoline…even with all the padding and nets surrounding it. I swear that’s how a lot of gnarly stories begin…“Well…she was on the trampoline doctor and that’s when _____________ happened.” My kids are pretty uncoordinated…especially Cindy. Now that MHG is older, I figured she could manage though. Cindy wasn’t too happy about being left out, but she eventually got over it when she found a Minnie Mouse toy to play with…oh and a TY beanie baby bear…she’s obsessed with those things. It doesn’t matter where we are…she will psychically know if you have one, and she will hunt it down!


We hung out there for a few hours and it was wonderful. We had a lovely time with friendship and food and lots and lots of talking! I don’t usually take any “leaving” or “goodbye” pictures. There are far too many tears to want to remember leaving, unfortunately. I did ask Sarah’s Husband, Saul, if he would take one of the 2 of us though before we left. It’s hard trying to be happy for a picture when you have one foot out the door and you have no idea when you’ll be back. :(

Me Sarah

We had a lovely time and are very much so looking forward to the day when we return…even if it is just for another visit. We love you guys so very much and hope you are all well. Thank you for having us over, for your amazing hospitality (as usual!) and most importantly, for your friendship.

E and MHG

I always hate tearing these two apart. I don’t wanna leave either, and I certainly don’t wanna be the bad guy dragging my kids out the door…but that’s usually what happens regardless of what I do, or do not want. Our time was up. We had to get back to my Mom’s for dinner, it was time for them to eat their dinner as well, and delaying the obvious just makes it harder on everyone…so away we drove with tear-streaked faces.


Back at Grandma’s, she updated us on the status of her splinter. They had to remove her nail to remove the splinter. *Shudder* She’ll be ok, they numbed her up real good to remove it, but she’ll have to keep it bandaged for the 12 weeks it’ll take the nail to grow back. My Mom is so tough. I probably would’ve started thinking of ways to end my life if I had to endure sure a painful thing. She was busy preparing dinner, but there was still a little more to go. She had made Cindy a little bed on the floor, and the next thing I know, Cindy was passed out inside it. It was too cute.


Once dinner was made and eaten (I had the hardest time keeping Cindy awake at the dinner table), I loaded the girls back up and headed back to my in-laws to put them to bed. I had promised Auntie Tiger that I would bring them back by one more time so M&M’s could say good bye to them, but they both had fallen asleep on the way back home. We were planning to take the girls out to eat with them, but M&M’s had already made plans and she was hoping to see the girls tonight instead. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out and I was pretty bummed about it. Such is life though. Ya can’t plan everything to work out perfectly, right?

Dad arrived home seconds after me and helped me put the girls to bed. This was around the time when I found out my darling 2 1/2 year old Nephew was getting a little sister in April! Congrats! You’ll be a wonderful big brother! Soon, we’ll have a sweet little Niece and she’ll make a wonderful addition to our family! Brightest blessings little one.

It was another long day. The girls were passed out. Nic was gone hanging out with Pip, getting him up to speed on our adventure. I just curled up with Ma on the couch and watched a Hallmark Christmas movie with her. It was a peaceful end to a busy day. Tomorrow, the RacDougall’s (oh yea I totally came up with that word on my own) paint the town red (not really) and the girls spend the night with Grandma. Until next time…

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