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Monday, October 14, 2013

Reflection On This Past Week

Today is Monday. MHG has already finished all her other studies and is catching up in her Math book. This leaves me the opportunity to sit down and blog a bit. As I sit here looking through last week’s pictures, I realized that there were still a few that I wanted to share with our family and friends! I realize that I did manage to post 3 blogs last week, but these are the “cute” pics of what the girls and our week looked like.

To anyone who may be wondering, Cindy recovered marvelously from her Nursemaid’s Elbow within minutes and we haven’t had any issues with it since. I had gotten her a tutu a little while back and she wanted to rock it early last week…and rock it she did! (I love having little girls! Especially my girls, because they are the types to rock tutu’s and skeleton hoodies simultaneously, lol!)


IMG_3581 IMG_3593 IMG_3594 IMG_3582


Ahdoo spotted this little guy and Cindy was completely obsessed with him. She followed him around for at least a half an hour until she lost track of him. She kept trying to catch him, but he was faster.


The day I sewed the new “doorway curtain” for the girls’ room, I got my dress out that I had bought in Virginia Beach and took it in. I bought it in my normal size, but this brand must’ve ran larger, because I ended up taking it in 2 sizes. I’m so glad to report that it ended up perfect and I am in love with it even more now!!! I LOVE the beadwork on it, and its beachy, airy, boho feel.

IMG_3662 IMG_3662

We had a GORGEOUS Virginia sunset on Monday night. The entire sky was bright red, but by the time I got outside with my camera and got it to the proper setting, only a little bit of red sky was left. :( Either way though, it was absolutely breathtaking!


IMG_3707 IMG_3705

After the sun had set, the girls grabbed the flashlight and lantern and went on a “dark walk” with us. They were having fun exploring and trying to find puddles in the dark.


The walk pooped Cindy out. I thought she looked like a little cherub the way the glowing Christmas lights around our bed, illuminated her face. It gave her an ethereal presence. To clear up any confusion though, she’s Cindy, short for Cinderella, because she’s always losing her shoes…or just one. MHG always has been, and probably always will be, my Sleeping Beauty. That girl can sleep through ANYTHING. Cindy, on the other hand, cannot…unless she’s co-sleeping with me (which is every night pretty much).


I just thought this was a fun pic of our water bottles all lined up. Filtered water is the only thing in this house that the girls and I drink. We used to be Simply Orange juice junkies, but our consumption of that was un-natural, so I cut everyone off. We don’t believe in giving our children milk to drink. Humans are the only mammals on the planet that give another species’ milk to our young…and ourselves…after they/we are weaned...and in some circumstances…even before they’re weaned. Needing milk for strong bones is a lie fabricated by the dairy industry, among other culprits. Look into it if you don’t believe me. The link has its sources cited at the end.


The day that MHG was working on her email correspondences, Cindy wanted to join her, so she got out her laptop to return her emails as well. It was so precious.

IMG_3864 IMG_3865

Then later, Cindy thought it would be fun to climb up on her sister (unknowingly) and treat her like a jungle gym. MHG may be making a dramatic face in the pic below, but she thought it was awesome and encouraged her to continue.


We’ve been Homeschooling for a couple months now, but we’ve been taking a more eclectic/un-schooling/child-led approach. It started off working just fine for us, but eventually became too random for MHG. That girl needs routine or else she doesn’t thrive. Since the curriculum arrived last Wednesday, we spent the entire day getting it put away and familiarizing ourselves with it, and the very next day we hit it hard. She WAS 3 chapters behind in Math. As of tomorrow though, she will be completely caught up. Then, we are going to start working on catching her up in the rest of the subjects.


Cindy’s been working with her Road To Reading curriculum and is having a blast. It’s part of what came in the package we got from United Educators, Inc. when MHG was just a baby. She uses the pen to pick the correct picture. If she’s correct, it makes a happy sound. If she’s incorrect, it makes a not-so-happy sound. It encourages her to stop and think and try to get it right. She’s getting better everyday, but more importantly, she’s having fun. It has been known to entertain her for up to 1 1/2 hours, but that’s rare After that, she’s typically on to puzzles and pretend play or coloring.

I need to say something here though. The ONLY reason I am “schooling” Cindy is because she won’t leave MHG alone when she’s Homeschooling. Although Cindy CAN play by herself, and does it frequently, if Sissy is schooling, she wants to as well. We bought the United Educators, Inc. curriculum for MHG while she was just a baby, but we never used it. I just read to her every night. I don’t believe in forcing young children to learn academic things. I strongly believe that children from birth to at least 4 (preferably 5) years old, should just be allowed to be kids and PLAY. However, Cindy doesn’t want to just play. She wants to school if sissy is schooling and she wants to play if sissy is playing. Needless to say, Cindy is homeschooling, too, but, when she’s done, she is allowed to be done. I don’t believe in forcing a toddler to learn. If she’s interested in something, heck yea, I’ll totally explore that interest, but when she loses interest, I am not going to stand over her, barking orders at her, essentially beating a dead horse. She’s 2. There’ll be plenty of time to learn when she’s older.


IMG_3879 IMG_3880



Onyx likes to help the girls with their work too. He was extra playful and kitten-like that day…even though he’s 9. He kept pawing at her pencil. It was too cute.


I just thought this was a cute picture of her…I’m so glad we have a table now. We will be here a LOT for the next few months!!!



Yea, I wore out my picture-taking welcome, lol. ;)


Cindy’s exercise time today was pushing around her car for a long time until Daddy decided to take her on an off-roading expedition through the mud. No wonder that girl is such a tomboy.


IMG_3912  IMG_3923

She kept trying to sneak into the mud cuz she thought I couldn’t see her outta the corner of my eye. I could though, so she made repeated unsuccessful attempts. MHG opted for bike riding and WASN’T allowed to do it in the mud, lol! Mommy’s no fun. Daddy was cooking dinner and I was standing around taking pictures of my big girl on 2 wheels. She’s riding like a pro now! I can’t believe how quickly she mastered bike riding! Oh, and we got her a matching Monster High helmet…of course. ;)

 IMG_3920 IMG_3921


Lastly, I will leave you with this. The trees in our park have been turning their fall colors, slowly but surely, and I love the ones turning red. I’m so glad we’re going to be here long enough to check out the Appalachians turning their fall colors. I can cross another thing off my RVing bucket list! :)

fall tree

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