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Monday, October 28, 2013

I’ve Got It All.

girls cuddling with tigger

Dear Friends and Family: If you would prefer I email you the COLOR copies of the black and white photos that are on this post, just let me know and I will be happy to send them to you right away. :)

I hope no one is getting sick of me saying this all the time, but another wave of gratitude and deep appreciation, for the blessing of being able to live this lifestyle, has overcome me once more. I was watching my beautiful girls run around the other day. They were doing Yoga and tackling each other and their tackling led to a relatively long (for them) cuddle and hug session. The moment filled me to the brim with happiness and began to overflow my heart with so much love! As I snapped photo after photo of their love for one another, I took a brief second to thank the higher powers, my Husband and his job (and everyone else that helped in one way or another to get us here) for the opportunity to be able to share in this moment with those two little angels.

MHG and Cindy have such an amazing bond. I really have no idea where we went right with those two. MHG herself has confided in me once even (through gushing tears of joy), that their bond and love for one another is “way deeper than I will ever understand”. She’s right. One minute they’re shrieking at the tops of their lungs because someone stole the other person’s doll and the next minute, they’re squeezing the last bits of air out of their lungs only to strengthen their embrace even more. They love each other with a passion that is just as strong as our love for our daughters and for one another.

A lot of this has come and has grown since moving into this home on wheels. Due to this, I frequently find myself thinking that we may live in an RV park, in a 232 sq ft home, and we won’t be staying anywhere long enough to really “lay roots down somewhere"…for now at least, but we are already rich beyond our imaginations! We have so much more than a home that the bank owns, or a “desirable” location, or 2 cars in a 2 car garage, or the white picket fence, or the “great school district” (that is going down the crapper due to Common Core anyways), and every other “thing” and material item that supposedly makes up the “American Dream”.

We have each other. We are happy. We are in love….with each other, with life, with enjoying our present and looking forward to our future while planning all those moments in between. We’ve already “got it all”. And all of that. ALL. OF. THAT. is beautiful. All of that is the beauty that I see all around me. Happy, healthy, beautiful little giggling girls. A strong, wise, loving husband. Beautiful scenery that is ever-changing and landscapes of a million colors as far as the eye can see. Fulfilling my Wanderlust and feeding my gypsy soul. The blessing of being at home to raise these girls and nurture my family and never miss a single thing. My ability to even squeeze in some at home Yoga from time to time is even a beautiful thing to me! The ability to strike when a fleeting moment of creativity creeps up. Seriously. I’ve got no complaints….well, just 1…I really wish I had a darn countertop. I digress. Anyway, this past week…really, the past 6 months have been “touch your soul” amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for all the wealth in the world or all the material things that tie you down. All I want or need I’ve got right here and everything and everyone is usually always within arm’s grasp, too! ;) See for yourself…

girls hug 2 bw

Girls Play 2 bw

Girls Hug bw

girls sun bw

Girls Play BW

pretty girls bw

Yoga MHG

Yoga Girls

girls with wands bw and color

I love this freakin’ man to the moon and back…even if he sometimes drives me loony. ;)

Ahdoo Hot

We’ve gone for a couple drives to check out the fall colors. If you’re sick of my fall colors pictures, that’s too bad. Until the last leaf falls, there will be more of these pics to come. I am an Autumn fanatic. It absolutely is my favorite season. I am so thrilled to be able to witness Autumn in Virginia! The colors take my breath away…it doesn’t matter which direction I look. I just pray and pray that I’ll be able to see the fall colors of the Appalachian Mountains on our way outta here (which is supposedly in the next 2 weeks…and no, we have no idea where we are heading next!) Seeing those mountains during Autumn is on my RVing bucket list…so everyone, if you’ve got a moment to think of my silly wishes, cross your fingers on my behalf!




IMG_4490   IMG_4522


IMG_4537 IMG_4547


IMG_4534 IMG_4546

My ability and blessing to be able to homeschool is something I hope to never take for granted. If it wasn’t for homeschooling, I would miss out on these fun and special moments with my eldest daughter (and Cindy too, when she decides to join in):


IMG_3949 IMG_3951

IMG_3955 IMG_3944



IMG_3962 IMG_3964

IMG_4553 IMG_4557 IMG_4558

 IMG_4562 IMG_4563

 IMG_4560 IMG_4565

I haven’t been able to get as much Yoga in lately. Between the curriculum’s arrival and my trying to get this RV road ready, I haven’t had much time for “me”. Outta curiosity the other day, I threw down a towel and the next thing I know, I was playing around in my headstand and stretching my back out with a few decent backbends. Whew. I always worry that as quickly as I figured out how to do these poses, I’ll just as soon forget. I hope that never happens.

fun headstand fall headstand splits scissor splits headstand blue shirt backbend

I got an idea the other day. I wondered if I could tie-dye with bleach? I looked it up on google and pinterest and sure enough, it’s called “reverse tie-dye”! I wanted to do some Yoga pants. I think it should be called tie-bleached instead though, since you use bleach to do this…not dye. I made up the design and the placement for said design all by myself. I am in love with how they turned out. I did another pair, 2 pairs of MHG’s yoga pants, 3 pairs of shorts for me (my original test dummies) and a t-shirt for Cindy. Everything looks cool! You can read about that process (if you’re interested) on my other blog here:

tie-bleached yoga pants

Oh, and yes, I gave MHG a haircut as well. She wanted it short…so that’s what she got. It’s much more manageable this way for her now and she loves it. Really, that’s all that matters. (She HAD to have me post this picture of her haircut because she’s in Lotus pose. She just loves showing off, lol.)


Great kids, loving husband, fun lifestyle, staying at home, creativity, kick butt nature all around, and we’re all in good health…like my sweetheart elderly neighbor tells me all the time: “You’ve got it all lady.” Don’t I know it!

I love my life!

…and I thank Goddess for that Every. Single. Day.

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