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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Racca Fam Halloween


We spent the entire day primping and preparing to get ready for trick-or-treating while Daddy had to work. We watched 3 movies about Halloween throughout the day as well. Halloween is a serious holiday (Sabbat) for this family, so the day is taken off from homeschooling (though obviously not from work). There’s quite a bit that went into my costume, a decent amount of prep for MHG’s and Cindy…well, we pretty much threw her costume on and were off.

witchy me   witch dress me

 girls halloween   racca girls 2013

daddy cindy halloween

me girls halloween   nic girls halloween

us halloween

Tigger looked pretty cute in MHG’s wig, lol! She put it on him.


MHG costume

And because I don’t have all day to edit photos the day before we hit the road…here’s the rest in their “untouched” format. ;)

IMG_4829 IMG_4830 IMG_4831IMG_4833 IMG_4834 IMG_4835IMG_4836 IMG_4837 IMG_4841IMG_4842 IMG_4844 IMG_4845

This photo was taken by the RV resort management. I absolutely adore them! We’re really going to miss them when we leave in a few days. :( Our time here has been some of the best months of our lives!!!


IMG_4847 IMG_4848 IMG_4849IMG_4850 IMG_4852 IMG_4853



Walking around an RV park, in gravel, for 1 1/2 hours in 3” high heels has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever done! Next time, I’m going in my slippers or gym shoes! I have a bruise on the top of my right foot now that’s almost the whole size of my foot! Lesson learned for sure!


IMG_4863   IMG_4864


 witchy me and onyx

It was an INCREDIBLY long day AND night. Just before we started to settle in for the evening though, Daddy had one more thing up his sleeve…

He had joked earlier in the week that he was gonna scare MHG on Halloween. She got all tough and told him he wouldn’t be able to. As the week played out, she started to get more and more excited about him scaring her and began to tell everyone about it. Soooooooooooo…after we got home and she was brushing her teeth, I cracked open their back door (I’m pretty sure they forgot it even existed, since it’s been covered by a blanket for 6 mo), and I told MHG to put her clothes away in her dresser. Her dresser is in the back corner right next to the door. I made up some silly excuse about wanting to record the evening’s last minute events for my blog…which technically was the the truth…and as she opened her drawer, Daddy reached in and yelled. I have never seen that girl freak out so much in her whole entire LIFE! For nearly 20 minutes afterwards, she skulked in the corner of her top bunk yelling at Daddy and crying. The poor thing. It WAS funny though…now she knows better than to challenge her father. ;) Sorry the video is so hard to see, I don’t have a video camera so I can only record in short clips via my camera.

After MHG calmed down and I coaxed her outta her room, she called all the Grandparents. The girls snuck wayyyyyyyyy too many pieces of candy while they were on the phone, so they were bouncing off the walls til almost midnight!

After the girls and Daddy were all peacefully sleeping in their own beds, I snuck out right before midnight to have the most spiritually intense ritual I have ever had on a Sabbat in my life! It was amazing. Doing a ritual during the midnight our is beyond words. Samhain is the time for remembering and paying homage to your ancestors, and I did just that. I could really sense my Grandparents presence beside me. It was so special.

Samhain Altar 2013

I hope your Halloween’s were special as well and that you all had a great and safe time!

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