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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Eve 2013

On Halloween Eve, I had a couple new visitors. There was a beautiful, all-black, short-haired kitty creepin’ around my home. I took him out a dish of milk because I wanted to befriend him. I saw it as a good Halloween omen and didn’t want to upset any Halloween spirits…just in case. He wasn’t interested in the milk though. He was, however, interested in the snake occupying our trees right next to our rv! I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a venomous snake, because not once did it strike at the cat. It just kept trying to retreat. It was cute watching the kitty annoy the snake. (I don’t mind snakes.)





Later that evening, we headed to Wal-Mart in search for pumpkins to carve. They had ONE left. I kid you not!!! So, we bought it and brought it home. MHG designed it, Daddy drew it up.


We all took turns gutting and carving it!




I was SO shocked that MHG touched the guts!



Last year was the first time she had, but she was under a lot of peer pressure from Uncle Jedi, Auntie Tiger and all of their neighbors at their block party. Although Halloween was a lot of fun last year, (I threw a costume party and took the girls trick-or-treating with my in-laws), Daddy was in Virginia without us, so it was also pretty depressing without him here. But this year…THIS YEAR we are together for Halloween!!! Woohoo!

Cindy had no aversions whatsoever to degutting the pumpkin as long as she could use a spoon to do so. So much ingenuity with that girl!


Eventually, she got over her issues with the guts and quite literally dove right into the bowl of guts off to the side. She thought it was pretty crazy. I loved how curious she was about the whole process. Both of our girls were incredibly helpful!



IMG_4724 IMG_4723 IMG_4729

   IMG_4719   IMG_4727



   IMG_4741 IMG_4742



IMG_4754   IMG_4758

Onyx chilled on the couch while we carved away. He looks angry in the pic, but he really was just chillin’. I have actually never seen him so relaxed in all of his 9 1/2 years!!!


Halloween is definitely this family’s holiday!!!

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