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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Glamping: My RV Boho Chic Bedroom

Glamping. Glamorous camping! I LOVE that word! We aren’t really camping…we’re living though, so maybe I should change the word to “Gliving”? That sounds a bit odd. Anywho, I’ve been wanting to do this blog for a LONG time, and now that I finished the curtains, my room is complete!

With that being said, anyone who really knows me, will tell you how much I love Interior Decorating and creating things with my own two hands…I am not an artist when it comes to painting, but this is my own version of Art. (They might also say that I go through a lot of phases…but I digress.) I used to have a thing for black. LOTS of black…like, my entire room looked like you walked into the Addams Family house. I was Goth at that time. After about 10 years of that, a few lifestyle changes later and the impending birth of my second daughter, a change prompted in me. I started to branch out a bit from black and wanted to start dabbling in color. I also wanted to try my hand at incorporating patterns. I ended up decorating my whole bedroom in black and white damask with accents of light green and eggplant purple. After about a year of that, I got tired of the boring monochromatic (mostly) decor and decided to go in a COMPLETELY different direction. I guess you could say that I just dove right in.
I discovered bohemian decor and according to the first and third definitions of Bohemian…
Boho film def
…it was about as accurate a description of me as you could get. It’s interesting to note here, that I now also meet the 2nd definition, lol. Regardless if I looked like a hippy, or a sophisticated debutante, or decorated my room or home in all black, white or the rainbow, I certainly have never paid mind to following the rules of society. Come to think of it…I’m pretty sure my issues with society or really any authority figure, have always been long withstanding. Anyways, that’s all irrelevant here. My point is that, once I realized that I could throw caution to the wind and embrace the look of the rainbow throwing up in my room (with a few fun accents) I was all in. It was just the refreshing change that I was looking for and so desperately needed in my life.
Boho chic, in my opinion, is just doing whatever you want with your decor and just making it look aesthetically pleasing. That could really cover a broad spectrum. I really could care less if anyone else likes my decor, so to me, my room is definitely aesthetically pleasing…and it definitely is unique to me.
I’ve been wanting to do a “Glamping Boho Decor Bedroom” blog for a while now, so I’m going to give you a tour of my room and for anyone interested, I will let you know where I bought some of the stuff. A lot of it I made myself or repurposed. I have a passion for anything Moroccan, Art Nouveau, Victorian, Bohemian, gypsy, hippy, suzani, uzbek, ikat, scroll, floral, bright, colorful, intricate, beaded, sequined, tassels, fringe, feathers, embroidery, patchwork, wild, unique, eccentric, old-fashioned, antique, repurposed, stained-glass, chains, gold, silver, copper, bronze, cast iron, wrought iron, regular freakin’ iron, medallions, Native American, Mexican, really, from any country-I’m not picky, gold-leafed, mirrored, tie dyed and I’m sure I'm forgetting a million other things. Oh, and I LOVE anything with crystals or gemstones incorporated into it!!!
Without further adieu,
I give you…my paradise!!!
My Bedroom 2a
my bedroom 1a
My Pillows.
The left pillow I got from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The right pillow I made. The blanket is a Sherpa that I purchased from Wal-Mart.
My Bedroom 8a
These two I made myself. I picked up the fabric in the crafts department at Wal-Mart, of all places. I sewed the sequins on by hand and I googled how to sew on the mirrors myself and once I learned, I couldn’t stop adding them to everything.
My Bedroom 7a
My Bedroom 13a
The purple pillows (I have 2) aren’t homemade. I bought them from Ross several years ago.
My Bedroom 6a
My Bedroom 12a
The bottom left pillow is the pillowcase from the bedding set I purchased off Amazon last year. Here’s the link.
My Bedroom 4a
These pillows are cases that are handmade in India. I bought them from this guy off Amazon. He’s got a LOT of cool stuff for sale. I also turned the comforter into my curtains. You can read about that on this post here.
My Bedroom 5
My Moroccan Lanterns.
All 4 of these were purchased on Amazon. I have seen them for sale everywhere though. I was tempted to buy more at a flea market once…but I restrained myself. You can use real tea lights or battery-operated ones in them. I will say though, that although real tea lights illuminate them beautifully, they are too dangerous in this home between my kids, cats, Husband, and myself. That, and the fact that the ceiling, bedding, and the underside of the cabinets would be a LOT closer to the flame.
My Bedroom 9a
My Bedroom 10a
My Bedroom 11a My Bedroom 25a
 My Love Affair With Fringe.
I picked this up at Hancock Fabrics one day when I saw it on sale. I was instantly smitten the moment I saw it.
My Bedroom 14a
This door hanging I got off Amazon right here. It’s not located above my window anymore. I’m still working out it’s permanent location.
My Bedroom 19a
This I found at Hobby Lobby one day and knew it would make a fabulous accompaniment to my home decor.
My Bedroom 26a
My Bedroom 28a
This I picked up at Wal-Mart a while back and I’m still trying to decide upon its perfect location as well.
My Bedroom 27a
I LOVE of Sari’s.
Pretty much all of our bedroom walls are draped in Sari’s. These red ones are sewn to the backs of our gold bedroom dividing curtains.
My Bedroom 22a

 My Bedroom 29a
The orange ones are draped at the head corners and the foot office corner of the bed. P.S. I’ve also hung white Christmas lights behind the saris and purple curtain to add a little bit of soft “mood lighting”. They also make an excellent night light when someone needs to get up in the middle of the night. I like how the illuminate the space.
 My Bedroom 21a
My Bedroom 15a
This is just a curtain from Bed, Bath and Beyond that I stapled up sideways. They are my most favorite curtains EVER and I refused to cut them up or alter them in any way should we ever decide to not live in our RV. In that case, they would get hung back up as regular window coverings. They’re the thermal curtains too, so it keeps a lot of cold air in winter and warm air in summer from seeping in off that wall. Pretty AND functional.
My Bedroom 30a
Suzani galore.
My Bedroom 3a
I made this suzani stool cover from a Vera Bradley Suzani napkin remnant of fabric. It really is a mini-altar, but I keep it covered to protect its paint job I did and it doubles as a seat for the girls. I also made a headband from the leftover fabric…but, that doesn’t have to do with my bedroom.
suzani stool
This is hands-down, my most favorite thing of all in my room. It is my Natori Samarkand duvet cover, and no, I did not pay that much for it. I only got the duvet cover anyways, because #1: I don’t believe anyone should pay that freakin’ much for pillows and #2: I refuse to buy anything that is dry-clean only. Dry-clean only fabrics and children (and a Husband and cats) DO NOT MIX. The cover is machine washable. I got it on clearance for half-off when it was at Bed, Bath and Beyond a while back.
My Bedroom 23a
My Bedroom 20a
I created a bedroom that (much to my Husband’s dismay) is incredibly inviting and relaxing. Someone is usually always asleep on our bed. He’s always trying to kick people off so he can relax…the poor guy. Since we don’t have a “living room”, our bed is typically the hub of all activity in this house. It is the office, resting area, sleeping quarters, couch, tv room, game room and so much more. He’s currently trying to work out a plan to change all that…
How could anyone kick out such sleeping beauties though???  ;)
My Bedroom 18a
My Bedroom 24a
These two love the bed only when there isn’t a 2 year old on it, lol. They add their soft touch to the room as well. No boho room is complete without furry babies dozing without a care in the world.
my cat 5
Oh, and thank you Tigger for showcasing my final touch of boho chic. My Ralph Lauren “bohemian” flat sheet. I love this thing. I do not believe in skimping on sheets. I’ve bought cheap sheet sets before and they ended up fraying, and tearing and frizzing up and I really believe that you get what you pay for in that department. I was however able to save some moo-lah on this sheet by purchasing it off eBay with a “factory defect”. It had a double seam stitch on one of the corners. It isn’t noticeable until you remove it from the bed, so I was thrilled! It has so far held up through a TON of abuse, and I suspect I’ll get many more good years out of it as well.
My Cat 1a
I think my baby boy Onyx looks spectacular to this backdrop…well, he always looks spectacular really.
My Cats 2
The best part about this decor, is that I can always easily change it with just a few items. I can feel free to mix and match and toss something out if I tire of it. It’s easy to pick stuff up from thrift stores or repurpose something else. I’m about to turn a few t-shirts into some patchwork pillows actually! It allows me the freedom to spice things up on a budget and since I live in an RV, it’s always nice to refresh the atmosphere. It’s so small, so some much needed change is always desired!
Thanks for sticking around and I hope you enjoyed the view.
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