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Monday, October 21, 2013

Destination: Echo Lake


Friday’s Full Moon was TO. DIE. FOR. Seriously, every single time I see the Full Moon, it absolutely takes my breath away. For as long as I live, I will NEVER tire of gazing at its magnificence.


This weekend was just laid back. We didn’t do much except chill out on Saturday. On Sunday, I acted on a brief moment of impulsivity and decided to give myself bangs.

me bangs 1

This morning, I also decided that it was time for Cindy to get a haircut as well. I’m letting her baby curls grow out in the back for now, they’re so adorable. As for the front though, her bangs were really long, like almost to the tip of her nose and she couldn’t see well. She was always trying to swipe them out of her face with little to no success. So, I picked up the scissors and gave her her first haircut! I don’t think it turned out TOO bad. Lol.

 cindy new haircut

Anywho, yesterday, we chilled. While Ahdoo watched the Patriots vs. Jets game, I whacked off my bangs and had asked him to think of a cool place he could take us. He’s been telling us about “Echo Lake” forever now, and he finally got around to taking us there. I really have no clue why it took us so long to get there. It is a beautiful lake with a very historical background in racial segregation. (We got to tie in a bit of a History lesson with MHG…always a bonus!)

story of echo lake

This is the first thing I saw when we got there…2 stunning fountains off in the distance, surrounded by a mile of breathtaking fall color!

Echo Lake fountain


fall echo fountain

bw sun in tree 2

There was a quaint gravel path around the whole perimeter of the park. At the beginning of the park, it branches off quickly to the right and turns into a wooden pier of sorts. It wraps around so you can get a closer view of the fountains. If I hadn’t been with my children, it would’ve been a most glorious and peaceful place for meditation!

mhg fountain 2

ahdoo girls bridge fall 2

Here is a shot from across the park of where they are standing in the 2 pics above:

echo lake fall 2

echo lake fall

Once you leave the pier and join back up with the gravel path, you eventually come to this path that branches off of the main one. Apparently, it is sometimes submerged under water when the water levels are high. It was a fun thing to photograph and I think it made for some pretty dramatic black and white photos.

cindy bw path


path into water

mhg bw path

While we were standing on the cool patchwork path, I looked ahead to where the original gravel trail would have led us had we stayed on it, and I noticed there was a beautiful, rustic bridge that we would’ve crossed over. Naturally, I saw this for an amazing fall photo op and I gave Nic the camera with orders to stay there and photograph us on the bridge once we arrived. The girls just enjoy the short run from here to there.

me girls bridge fall


I waved Ahdoo over, and after he caught up to us, it was my turn to photograph him with the girls on the bridge.

ahdoo girls bridge fall

This was our path leaving the bridge. I am seriously IN LOVE with Virginia’s fall color!!!

 fall bridge path

We followed the trail as it led us on, winding and snaking its way through the mighty poplar, oak and maple trees. (They even labeled some of the trees for those of us whom are tree enthusiasts!) Cindy gets very adamant at times and demands that she be the one to push her stroller. No problem with that! It gives me free hands for picture taking!

cindy pushes stroller bw

ahdoo girls fall walk

fall forest

golden trees

fall trees path

At times, the girls and Nic would venture off the beaten path to go down to the shore and throw rocks into the water.

ahdoo cindy water

Back on the path, we all noticed this really amazing tree! At its roots, it almost looks as though it started out as one singular tree. Upon closer inspection though, you could see that it was in fact 4 different trees that just grew incredibly close to each other. In the canopy, you could see that better with the evidence of their leaves.

  girls 4 part tree   gorgeous trees

Nearing the end of the trail, we found a park! The girls could’ve stayed there forever I’m sure. They had a lot of fun and it gave me the opportunity to take more scenery pics as they giggled away with delight.

cindy slide

fall color


gorgeous tree


After we were done at the park, we got back on the path and some guys were feeding the ducks. One of the guys gave MHG some bread to feed them too (which was really nice of him) and at one point, though she got brave enough to try to hand feed the Mallard, the Mallard, was NOT. Haha! She ended up just throwing the bread to them. Cindy saw her do it and picked up some rocks to throw at the ducks. She didn’t know sissy was throwing food. Don’t worry, she missed the ducks and we stopped her from any further attempts.

feeding ducks

The final thing we came across on our journey through Echo Lake was a final bridge. This one was pretty large and you aren’t allowed to fish off of it. We saw a turtle and the girls were just excited to get to climb it with Daddy.

   mhg fall 2

 mhg fall

echo lake turtle

ahdoo girls bridge fall 3

Goodbye Echo Lake. Until we meet again…

treed water

After we got back home, we lit a fire and had dinner. I put the girls to bed (I have to lie down with Cindy or else she won’t go to sleep) and by the time I was finished with that, the fire had died down a bit to some nice hot coals and small hypnotic flames. I sipped on some delicious hot cider, that I spiced myself, while Nic and I talked about our upcoming few weeks here…what does the future hold I wonder?

hot cider

cider and fire color and bw

I love Fall so much! The leaves, the cider, the hot fires at night, the cooler temps so I can finally not look like a dork wearing my fringe boots, lol…sweaters and cuddling up with your loved ones. I so very badly would LOVE to go on a hay ride!!! I’ve seen signs for them all over the place. I would LOVE to take the girls on one and I’m not sure my Husband has ever been on a hay ride, so I wanna drag him along too! Oh, and the BEST part of Fall???


…as if you didn’t already know that! Here’s a pic of the girls in their costumes. :) MHG is going to be a Monster High Girl…big shocker there, lol! She’s going to be Lagoona Blue, to be exact. Grandma had picked her up the costume last year shortly after it went on sale following Halloween. Good call Grandma! Doesn’t she look cute? Thank you! Cindy picked out her costume all by herself and she wanted to be a Witch! Aweeee! My little Witchlet. It also has been brought to my attention (by MHG) that MHG has never been a Witch for Halloween in ALL of her years. How is that not possible? Maybe next year then. ;)

Halloween Girls

IMG_4116 IMG_4146

IMG_4125 IMG_4137

Owl Family Signature

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