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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Harvest Moon Makes Way For Fall

I'm not sure who loves the Moon more in this or Cindy? (Probably Cindy.)
Well, two nights ago, I got to take some breathtaking photos of the Full Harvest Moon.  My little moon baby woke up and wanted to see “her Mo” so I brought her outside with me to check it out. She ended up falling asleep against me, belly to belly (just like when she was an infant) and stayed that way while I enjoyed a 2 hour phone conversation with my Ma-in-law. (I hate saying the “in-law” part. She’s so much more than that.) I love how the Full Moon recharges and rejuvenates me. It is something completely other-worldly. It could be because I’m a Cancer too, who knows. That might explain why she and I are so obsessed with it? We’re both Cancers (so is Nic and MHG is a Cancer Moon sign, lol). Later on in the evening, it went behind these gorgeous clouds! September’s Full Moon name is the Harvest Moon. I was even lucky enough to get a pic of it WHILE it actually was the orange of a “harvest” moon. These clouds were amazing. I wished to reach up and pet them.
sept full mo clouds
This guy has been flying over all week. Apparently, for $400, he’ll give you a ride in his ultra cool WWII bomber. As cool as that would be, I’ll pass. I don’t enjoy heights and I really dislike flying. Still though, it’s a very cool (and LOUD) plane! Cindy LOVES it! She’s gets so excited every time it flies over.
IMG_2704 IMG_2705
These sweet moments always melt my heart. The past week, Cindy has decided to call Ahdoo “Da-deeeee” and no longer (just like that) calls him “Dada”. Everyday, she waits patiently by the window, around the time he gets off work and squeals for delight the second he pulls in. She can’t wait for him to walk in the door so she can tackle him with hugs and kisses and lots of love. If we’re outside, she only wants to be with him. She wants his “Han” so SHE can take HIM for a walk, lol! It’s too cute! She also delights in the moments where he pushes her around in her car (her “truck”). MHG has been busy as a bee, peddling up a storm, learning how to ride her bike. I think, by the time we head for New Mexico (which looks to be next month…possibly??) she’ll be outta the training wheels and a bicycling Pro!
daddy cindy   daddy girls walk
The girls have been racing each other a LOT this week. It’s really funny too, because MHG can peddle as fast as Cindy can run (while pushing her car), so it’s always entertaining and hilarious to watch!
Peddling up a storm
Onyx helped us laminate and cut out our remaining leaves. We’ve been taking a lot of nature walks this week to collect them. Some leaves are already turning their fall colors. I LOVE how many huge, powerful Oak trees are here in Virginia. Something you don’t see much back home.  They’re so freaking tall!!! (It makes me REALLY wanna check out the Giant Redwoods in Northern California. These Oak trees are huge and apparently are nothing compared to the Redwoods! I can’t even possibly begin to imagine their size.)
onyx with leaves
To anyone who knows me well, I’ve had to REALLY FIGHT the urge to bust out my Fall decor. Yes. I brought SOME of my decorations with me. I whittled 5 big totes of Fall decor and 4 big totes of Winter holidays decor down to sharing just 1 normal sized tote. I’ve gotta say that I was impressed. (P.S. My Husband was not thrilled about ANY of our seasonal decor coming. Oh well.) Anyways, I will not decorate until Sunday (which is the Autumnal Equinox). In the years past, I’ve been known to start decorating as early as July. I know, I know. I’m worse than department stores, lol. However, I couldn’t stop myself from buying these ultra cool lights from Wal-Mart the other day and putting them up. They’re green/purple and all awesome in their Witchy/Mysterious glory. :) I just want to get one more strand to wrap around the back awning arm.
rv halloween
We’ve had the privilege of having a nice campfire nearly every evening, thanks to my Hubby. It never gets old, and now that the nights are getting  colder, they’re more than just aesthetically pleasing. Since I’ve quit smoking (3 weeks on this coming Monday!), I really have no desire to sit outside and freeze to death. With a fire blazing though, I’m game. I should get some stuff for S’Mores. Does anyone have a recipe for Vegan S’Mores??? (Message me on our FB page if you do, please!)
Feet Fire
Here we have some of the work MHG’s been doing while we wait for her Calvert curriculum to arrive. She drew the cutest picture of “Hope” and apparently shortened its name destination to “Sportsport”. I can’t say I blame her. “Sportsman Sportster” is a mouthful…and so redundant! Oh, and she drew my favorite flower down to the right: the Tiger Lily. :)
Although this girl is reading at least 50% of the day, it seems as though grammar is not a strong-point for her. The adjectives were throwing her off. That’s ok though, because 1) I’ve heard children don’t really start to grasp Grammar til about age 9 and 2) Math seems to be another place where she excels! I literally gave her a 10 second crash course in how to regroup to subtract double-digit numbers that are smaller on top in the ones place (if that makes any sense). Apparently, it made sense to her because I didn’t have to help her with a single problem and she got them all right! Heck yea MHG!!!
I’m pretty sure though, that everyone’s most favorite thing to do for home/roadschooling, is leaf collecting! We started our collection at the beginning of 1st grade (last year) and now it’s transformed into a collection of the leaves we collect from where we are located. How cool will that be? We will actually have the opportunity to have a pretty large array of leaves collected from all over the U.S.! Yay! Just the other day, I saw REAL Bamboo trees growing here in the wild! I need to find them again to get a picture in front of them, AND to collect a few of their leaves.
cindy leaf
IMG_2921   IMG_2922
This one, by far, is my favorite! It looks all tie-dyed or batik looking! I absolutely love it to death!!!
Last night, I thought I was going to end up having a heart attack. My left arm went numb and started to tingle a bit in the wrist area. I hadn’t been laying on it, I hadn’t cut circulation off to it in any way, so my natural deduction was that I was going to die. I know, I’m so dramatic. I decided to google my symptom instead to see if there was something else going on. Much to my delight, I am actually a very low risk for having a heart attack (good to know!) and instead, the most likely cause of my numbness is a deficiency in Vitamin B-12. To those people out there that are Vegan, this is probably not a shocker. I’ve been terrible about taking my B-12 supplement. I actually just started taking it a couple days ago (it’s been 9 months without it! Yikes!), so I imagine the numbness will subside in the next few days, as long as I stay up to date on it. I am really bad about consuming Vegan sources of B-12…that’s a hard one (for me) to get. I found this link here: B12 for Vegans that says I am at risk for anemia and nervous system damage…great. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so darn tired lately? As for the nervous system damage…hopefully that can be reversed? Uh oh. Anyways, after reading that, I’m going to be much more diligent about taking my supplement (which isn’t Vegan btw. Doh.) Here’s a couple things I’ve ingested this week…some Cheerios, Soymilk (switching to Almond milk from now on) and fresh berries.
I made this last night and it was quite yummy. It was fiber-fortified Smart pasta, cooked grape tomatoes, spinach, carrots, onions, garlic, edamame and chickpeas. It was another Vegan hit around here. (Although I should’ve added the chickpeas last…they were really dry.) It was cooked in Olive oil and I added a few dashes of pink Himalayan salt.
Sorry, this next pic is so blurry. I was trying to photograph him through my window screen, through the tree and he was moving! He’s a groundhog (Gopher?) and he’s bigger than Tigger. Tigger weighs 14 pounds btw. This guy’s been known to make a few appearances around here.
I seriously am addicted to laminating. I’m actually wondering how I ever manage to function before WITHOUT a laminator? I went crazy the other day and laminated practically everything in this home! After all my pictures were laminated and cut out, I spent the next day working on this project. It’s just what we needed. With limited wall space (and my not wanting to pokes holes all over the place) I came up with this idea…I’m just wondering why I don’t have any pics of Auntie Tiger and Uncle Jedi??? I think I gave them all my pics with them and our girls. Now, I need to make new ones of them to put up! On another note, my Grandma left us behind 2 years ago today. I love her so much and miss her with all my heart. I know she’s in a better place now though and with Grandpa, so they’re probably livin’ it up! I love you Grandma and miss you so much. Blessed Be.
Also, this is where I hang my dish drying mat, which is usually damp, so it’s a good thing all these pics are laminated! Now, I’ve got the family pics up and it definitely feels more homey in here now. Cindy was pointing at everyone and saying all their names (which she says crystal clear now). :) All the pics are stuck to the side of the fridge with that 3M tacky stuff. Easily removable and interchangeable.
And last, but not least, we’ve got my little angels reading themselves to sleep. I LOVE this sight! I especially think it’s adorable how Cindy refused to go to bed, unless she could take her book with her. It’s one of her favorites (Om Baby)…really cute book about a child’s responsibility of taking care of this planet, their community, their relationships with others and respecting their own body. It covers topics such as yoga, recycling, reading, tree planting, etc. MHG’s been completely immersed in Greek Mythology lately. Ever since she watched Percy Jackson and the Olympians, she’s been enticed into learning much more. Yay!
It’s been a pretty anti-climactic week for us. We’re going to Virginia Beach tomorrow, FINALLY (after being here for 3 months, it’s about darn time!),  and I’m really looking forward to meeting my Husband’s Great-Uncle and also introducing the girls to him finally! We’re also all looking forward to seeing the Atlantic Ocean!!! It’s almost surreal that this is about to happen! I’ve got to get a lot of stuff ready today!
Sunday, the Autumnal Equinox, I’ll be celebrating the turning of the Wheel of the Year. I will have to come up with a little something to acknowledge that. I like to give thanks for what I have and meditate on my place in this vast universe. It’s a good time to reflect on things I’ve accomplished thus far, and focus on the things I’ve still yet to do. Day will equal night, and our nights will start to grow longer. As this planet will start to grow darker, it’s a good time for drawing more internal and for becoming more introspective. I will search deep within to change the things about myself that need to be improved upon, but I will also smile at the good I’ve done. It’s not a bad thing to feel good about the positive ripples in your life that you’ve set into place. I’ve made some good changes to my health and my habits and I’m proud of that. I have a ways to go in other departments, but that is part of living! So, I will give thanks for the person I am, the person I am becoming, my loved ones, my place and role in this universe, my impact on the planet, what has been and what will be.
With that being said, I wish you all a fabulous last 2 days of Summer and a marvelous first day of Fall! I look forward to updating you, next week, on our beach adventure tomorrow and I truly hope that you are all doing fantastic!
owl family signature 2
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