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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Just Because You Live In An RV…

…it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on fashion. Yesterday, I decided to go very boho. There are a few boho fashion blogs that I follow ( being my favorite) and I look at them, sometimes envious of how many cute outfits they have. They never wear the same thing twice. I would almost be willing to bet that those women do not have a “closet” consisting of 3 small drawers in a sterilite “dresser”. I would almost be willing to bet that they have a LOT more accessories than I do too, as well as a LOT more room to store said accessories.
(My hallway is so small, that I can’t back up far enough to get the whole shot of my “Closet”. That’s pretty much the whole closet though.)
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE living in our RV and the freedom that it allows us. I’m just trying to make a point and that point is that I still want to be able to enjoy my fun boho attire, but I have to get a bit creative with:
  • how much stuff I bring
  • what I bring
  • where/how I store it
It can be done though! So far, for me, the secret is bringing a few really versatile pieces!
I’ve had this skirt for a few years and I love it to death! It’s not really versatile, but it was worth bringing. The crochet top used to have a white liner behind it, but it made the shirt sit weird on me, so I cut it out and now it drapes my body nicely. It’s also very comfy. The best part about it? I can wear it over different shirts allowing me to always mix it up a bit.
Boho attire
These are my tried and true (and severely needing to be replaced) Minnetonka peace sign thong sandals. They are loved immensely (as you can see) and are still holding together despite the fact that they are starting to wear out on the top of the sole. I will buy the exact same ones again when I decide it’s time. They just are so wonderfully broken in and super comfortable that I really don’t wanna go through that process again.
minnetonka sandals
The hip scarf in the picture above is awesome and I can wear it a million different ways. I’ve been known to wear it as a headband…like so:
scarf on head
…or a head scarf, belt, etc. The headband I got at Wal-Mart recently. You can wear it with a more traditional hippy look like this:
 hippy headband
A few other staples in my wardrobe are a couple mini skirts (both are Abercrombie & Fitch…but I bought them used on ebay for $5 each). I wear a LOT of dresses. They’re small, so they don’t take up a lot of space in my closet and they’re versatile. Of course my Minnetonka 5-layer fringe boots (greatest boots ever!) are always reoccurring…that’s one thing you can’t really get around with an RV…shoes. Not a whole lot of places to store them. When I met my Husband in 2004, I had 80 pairs of shoes. Now, I have 8…and I’m still fixin’ to purge some. (Yes, the girls have fringe boots as well! and Yes, I know my Minnetonka sandals and boots aren’t Vegan. Such is life.) Just be prepared to see yourself in the same stuff over and over again…just wear it differently each time.
A&F skirt  patchwork boho dress  white boho dress  A&F skirt  me girls fringe boots
Probably my 2 other most favorite items are this halter and DEFINITELY these jeans. I think every woman has that 1 pair of jeans that you are dreading the day you have to part with…so, since I live in an RV, I have these and just 1 other pair of jeans. These are definitely my favorite jeans. They fit me just right and I especially love the holes in them (which no one can understand why I’d buy jeans like that, lol).
boho halter   Cindy Slacking
I have a pair of jeggings, and a couple pairs of leggings (1 full length, 1 cropped) that are versatile pieces. I also am a tie dye fanatic, but I couldn’t bring it all with me. I have a dress and a lightweight tank top. Both can be rolled up small, although the dress is currently hanging in my “closet”. Everything goes with tie dye, so I never wear the same outfit twice with those pieces…I also am a fan of these skimpy shorts. They’re comfy and also don’t take up a lot of space. I have orange and blue ones. They can be worn by themselves, or other leggings to workout.
   tie dye shirt   rain dance   headstand splits
On the subject of working out, I have 1 good workout top (Green Apple Active-the blue one below), several tank tops that are interchangeable, and 2 good pairs of Green Apple Active Yoga pants (they’re bamboo and ultra soft). I also have a pair of tie dye fuchsia cropped Yoga pants. Not very boho, but noteworthy. I don’t need a lot of clothes, just sturdy, meaningful or versatile ones.
mermaid   yoga water   tie dye yoga pants
One word: ACCESSORIES. I wish I could have a whole room dedicated to just those awesome items of color, texture, metal, trinkets and such! I don’t though. Instead, I have this one cool organizer for my accessories that my Mom got me forever ago (thanks Mom) and I just started using it. It’s double-sided, and luckily, I haven’t even encroached on that territory yet…leaving me lots more room to hoard accessories. (Don’t tell my Husband!) It also holds my hair clips, ponytail holders, bobby pins, etc. It’s hanging from my other organizer that holds my necklaces and headbands.
Accessories Organizer
Jewelry and headbands are my weakness.
necklaces  Mom loves Zoe  bracelets  turquoise headband
If you are interested in EXACTLY how much of what clothing items I brought, refer to my blog post It also shows how we organized our daughters’ clothes and my Husbands (and our cleaning supplies).
[“My point: You don’t have to give up your style just because you live in an RV. You just have to get a little more creative.”]
I should also mention that I do laundry 2-3 times per week, so I rarely run out of my favorites. If you roll stuff up, you can store a lot more items. Tank tops don’t take up much room at all. I would steer clear of easily wrinkled things though. Cotton and bamboo work best. The shoes I did bring, I threw on the sides of my “dresser” and behind it. It does make it more difficult to find the ones I want, but at least I got to bring them. My point: You don’t have to give up your style just because you live in an RV. You just have to get a little more creative. The key to RVing organization is to utilize every square inch of space possible.
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  1. Awesome blog! Very nice photos :) I've learned to pick those things that I really truly love and when one thing comes in, one thing goes OUT. It's hard to do, but is helping to evolve the minimalist lifestyle we're attempting to aspire to :) Best Wishes from Oregon ~ Heather

  2. Very awesome. Glad you're teaching your girls the glam-fab life of the road! Can't wait to hear their stories one day!!


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