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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wrapping Up August

There are just a couple days left to August. I’ve been so busy that it’s been the biggest of tasks to get out just the occasional blog. I haven’t really blogged what we’ve been up to the past week or so. I’ve only been able to get out the home improvement blogs. So, for those of you who are more interested in what my family is up to, here ya go. We started out by moon-gazing last Tuesday night.
Aug Blu Moon 2013
We had a shopping trip to Wal-Mart Saturday and I bought Cindy a new outfit that I just couldn’t resist, and got MHG a new pair of jeans for the fall. Cindy’s hair is so curly out here in this humidity! I love it! She definitely got it from her father, cuz mine is straight as an arrow.
We watched the 5th Harry Potter movie (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) and had a yummy snack. This is what the girls put together without ANY guidance or advice from me. I love that they love healthy foods! It’s carrots, baby orange slices, craisins, almonds and tomatoes. This was Cindy’s snack. MHG swapped the almonds for some turkey and the craisins for apple slices instead. She doesn’t like nuts or craisins.
Sunday, Ahdoo went fishing. I cleaned our home all morning and when he got back in the afternoon, he put this all together for us. It was about 90 degrees and a thousand % humidity outside, so he thought I needed to soak my feet and the girls needed to do some water-play in the shade. It melted my heart. MHG wanted to get in the tote of water too, but I told her she wouldn’t fit…boy was I wrong, lol!
IMG_1995   IMG_2110   IMG_2040
IMG_2064   IMG_2003   IMG_2075
IMG_2006   IMG_2083   IMG_2117
Monday, we HAD to do laundry. It was pouring down rain, so we couldn’t play at the park for longer than 2 minutes. They had just enough time to swing before it started dumping on us.
Good thing I took the time to do my hair up all cute. The rain tried to ruin it…but it was up well enough that it held it’s place.
We were stuck inside the laundry room, so we made the best of it and practiced some yoga poses. Cindy is getting down her headstand and is absolutely adorable in her baby tree pose!
IMG_1923   IMG_1939
MHG grows stronger every single day and is definitely starting to pass me up when it comes to the arm strength poses. Check out her full Lotus off the ground and her Crow pose!!! She’s even able to hold them for about 3-5 seconds, and that time grows longer every week! I am so incredibly proud of her!!! I am lovin’ that my girls love to do yoga with me! It’s so good for their health and they have no idea. They just think it’s fun. For the record, I can’t do either of these poses.
IMG_1932   IMG_1924
Mommy even got in on the action. I love how Cindy is trying to copy us, it’s too precious. MHG can hold her tree pose for years now. I remember 3 years ago, when she was just starting to show interest in yoga and she could only hold it for a second and was flailing all over the place. Now, she’s rock solid. I can’t believe how fast my kids are growing. They are becoming beautiful young ladies…well, MHG at least. Cindy’s still just a baby to me. I love these two to the moon and back!!! After dinner, all 4 of us laid in bed together and watched the 6th Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince). I just introduced MHG to Harry Potter a couple weeks ago, and now her appetite is insatiable when it comes to getting through these movies. She absolutely LOVES them!
On Tuesday, I got brave enough to roll out my mat in the hallway and see if I can still do my headstand. I haven’t tried in probably a month. I am quite ashamed of myself to admit that…but fortunately for me…I still got it. Now, I am going to practice it daily. I learned my lesson.
Downward Facing Dog
IMG_2124   IMG_2127
Tree Pose
IMG_2132   IMG_2133
While Cindy napped, MHG and I made some homemade, delicious, Vegan, Oatmeal-Craisin cookies. That is going to be a separate blog for the people out there possibly interested in making them as well. The best thing about baking vegan cookies, is you can eat all the raw cookie dough you want without a second-thought as to if you’re going to die shortly thereafter or not! Here they are…
That evening, we had the most beautiful rainstorm. There was never any thunder or lightning, so we had a ball in it!
 IMG_2163 IMG_2174 IMG_2176
IMG_2190   IMG_2156   IMG_2206   IMG_2186
Yesterday, I “finished” the right bench and “completed” the lid on the left bench.  I’ll do a different blog on those, but in the meantime, here’s the finished pics. It took me a couple hours to build them…but I did it all by myself, and I don’t think I did such a bad job considering.
Nature Shots
Our plants are growing ridiculously fast. Ahdoo and MHG repotted all of them on Saturday. Everything got moved up to a bigger pot. I lost track at roughly 30 tomatoes growing, and there already a lot more than that. My basil is about ready to be harvested, hung and dried. The Spearmint and Oregano I’ll probably let grow another month before I harvest them. My Parsley kinda sucks. If I plan on harvesting that ever, I’m gonna have to bring it indoors to continue growing…at the rate it’s going. I’m still uncertain what I want to do about it.
IMG_2241  IMG_2244
This skunk has been holding us hostage in our home (at night) off and on for the past week. Recently, a fellow RVer made the suggestion to comprise a 90/10 solution of water to bleach and spray the perimeter of our RV. I guess they don’t like the smell very much…go figure. I’m gonna do that as soon as I get some bleach…cuz I don’t use it or keep it around.
We call her “Flower” from the skunk in Bambi. She’s not scared of us…at all, no matter how many rocks Ahdoo kicks at her and no matter how loud he hollers. I’m sure she’s quite secure in her knowledge that her defense mechanism is always a fail-safe. She hasn’t sprayed us or anywhere around here and I’m hoping it stays that way. She may not be a she either…but we’ve been calling her a she since we had our first run-in with her last Friday night. She is a Hog-Nosed Skunk, not very big, maybe about 6-7 pounds. Every time I see her I get the adrenaline rush from hell. I end up shaking for a good twenty minutes after our encounters. Here’s to hoping the spray works!!!
Thanks for reading and hopefully you don’t have any skunks under your home!  ;)
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