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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ups and Downs and Ups

Last Thursday brought us the first day of August, or as us Wiccans acknowledge it: Lammas (or Lughnassadh). It’s the First Harvest on our Wheel of the Year and it is always welcomed with much delight! MHG got in the mood to wear her red cloak, but confided in me that she was sad Cindy didn’t have a pretty cloak. I told her I could sew one up in no time. And that is exactly what I did. 2 Hours later, I was holding this bad boy in my hands…

cloak 4


cloak 1cloak 3cloak 2

I’m really glad that I learned how to sew and followed through with it all these years. So far, knock on wood, when MHG asks me to make something for her, her dolls or her sister, I haven’t disappointed. It just makes me so happy that I can pretty much grant them whatever their hearts desire and it’ll come out looking pretty good too. It’s times like this that I feel like I’m actually a pretty kick-butt Mommy.

cloaks girls 1             cloaks girls

The next day I got to go spend some birthday money!!! ;)  I got a new dress, cardigan, t-shirt, earrings, 2013 planner and a few other items. I didn’t realize my hair was getting THIS long either. I can’t wait for it grow the rest of the way, but I’m a lot closer!

longer hairearringsMake One

We had a minor setback that evening, but we’re on the up and up. Hubby got injured, but he’s recovering and it isn’t affecting his ability to function in the world, so we’re just chuggin’ along.

The next day, we were just chillin’ outside, allowing Onyx to come outside on the harness for the first time. Eventually, he calmed down and just made himself at home lying down in the rocks. Hubby looked up and spotted this little guy on the side of our home. Naturally, this question from me followed: “What the f*** kind of freaky Virginia spider is that? Is it poisonous? Lemme take a picture of it first, then please squash it to pieces.” He obliged and this is what I found out…

freaky spider

P.S. I mostly posted this pic for my bff Tiger. You’re welcome honey.  :)  Btw, she wasn’t that big, prolly half the size of a dime. Still though.

outside onyx

Yesterday afternoon was enjoyed with some always much fun pushing around of Cindy in her car (that she calls a truck, btw) and she very much so likes it when Ahdoo (Daddy) pushes her through the mud. She’s a lot like her father in more ways than one, that’s for sure!

me ava car

girls car

Nic girls car 2

Last but not least, MHG took this pic of Ahdoo while I was inside cooking dinner. I thought it was beautiful how she actually got him to smile! That’s a rare thing when I request it. He looks ornery, lol.

ahdoo big smile

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