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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Upholstered Dinette Bench Seat

Well, the dinette is as complete as it’s going to get, until we can retrieve our tools and really finish the job. On Wednesday the 28th, I took a bunch of scrap plywood and screwed it together (2 layers thick equaling 3/4”) to form a lid for the right bench seat. I had to use the skill saw to cut it to the required dimensions after it was all screwed together.


After that was complete, I realized how dangerous it was for our girls with all the splinters sticking out everywhere.

IMG_2223I decided to upholster it for cheap. I went to Wal-Mart, bought some black “duck” fabric, 4 foam chair cushions and some 3/4” screws (so they were no longer sticking through the under side of the lid).


I cut the foam cushions to the exact dimensions of the lid. After I was done with that, I set them up, wrapped the fabric around the lid and stapled it to the under side.




Once that was accomplished, I cut 4 pieces of the 1”x1” scrap wood to screw into the underside so that the lid wouldn’t move around.


(I should mention here, that I did this all by myself to surprise my Hubby when he got home after work.) Lo and Behold! An upholstered bench seat. It is very comfy.


My Husband likes it so much, he wants me to do the same thing on the other bench seat. I told him once they are re-sided with the matching flooring, I will go to the fabric store, buy some actual upholstery fabric and do the job all professional. This half-***ed job is just to get us by until they are actually completed. Regardless, I am a bit pleased with the outcome, especially considering I did it outta scrap wood and $16.

Oh yea, I also screwed two layers of plywood together and cut it to fit as the backing of the lid on the left bench seat. There’s a crack now between the two pieces that make up the lid, so I’m going to join them together so nobody ends up getting pinched in it.     


They don’t match, but they don’t look absolutely terrible anymore…and more importantly…they’re not dangerous. That’s the biggest thing. I just don’t want anyone getting hurt. It’s also nice to have somewhere to sit together and eat as a family. Now, we’re working on finding a makeshift table that’ll do in the meantime.


I hope you all have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!!! This RV park is already CRAMMED full of RV’s! Very exciting stuff!

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