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Monday, August 26, 2013

Slide Curtains

I finally got around to making curtains for the slide…and the valance along the ceiling of the slide. I started on the ceiling valance. I doubled the length of the slide to determine how much fabric I needed. Also, we only wanted it tall enough to hide the slide’s light fixture, so it’s about 6” tall. (It initially was 7” tall to allow for 1/2” hems.)



Once it was all hemmed, I stapled it to the ceiling with pleats every inch to give it a gathered look.

IMG_1887 IMG_1890

After the valance was finished, I went to work on the actual curtains. I had already made the white, thermal curtains back in April, but I didn’t know what I wanted to actually look at. I cut about 25” off the bottom of our gold bed curtains. This served a 2-part purpose. I needed to shorten the bed curtains, because they were constantly being stepped on, were in the way and we just didn’t need them that long. We wanted them to come to just below the top of our mattress.


The excess material was EXACTLY how much I needed to make the curtains for our slide. I made a valance out of the remaining red/gold fabric, sewed the gold curtains to that, sewed the white thermal curtains to the back of the gold curtains and ran a strip of tassels to hide the seam where it all met together.


I had a 6 foot long dowel that I had been hanging onto since our apartment. It was 1/4” shy of being the exact same length of our slide, so in essence, it was PERFECT! I mounted 4 L-brackets, screwed the dowel to those and it gives the look of our window being the whole length of the slide. Plus, when the curtains are open, they can easily be bunched up on each side of the window, allowing us to see out of the whole thing.

We were really pleased with the outcome. The only thing I have left to do is run a “curtain” along the floor of the slide so you can’t see under it. The slide is finally coming along. It’s nice!

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  1. Absolutely grand! Looks great.. wish I had the sewing know-how..


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