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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Q&A Session: Where do you bathe, do laundry, etc.?

Recently, I asked people to submit their questions to me in regards to living this lifestyle. No topic was off limits.

         Uncle Ron Racca asks: “Yea, I wanna know where you bathe, do laundry, etc.?”

Uncle Ron, we have a shower and the shower also has a tub too…it’s not a very large tub, but it is the perfect size for Cindy to take a bath…and MHG can too, as long as she bends her legs. It would be a 3/4 size tub if it weren’t for the wheel well that runs through the tub, so the back part is actually a seat. The seat actually rocks for me, because it makes pedicures and shaving my legs a breeze! (I’m sure you care, lol!)

1.IMG_0020   2.IMG_0021   3.IMG_0019   4.IMG_1245    

1. The right side upwards facing of our shower.

2. The right side downwards facing (looking into the tub).

3.The left side upwards facing. (Here you see where we store our laundry hamper until laundry day. We place it in the kitchen when we have need of the shower.)

4. Our tiny tub.

As for the shower itself, it’s just like any other shower…just with about 75% the water pressure that we were used to having in a non-RV home.

Though you didn’t ask, I will just add here that we have a toilet as well. It is a completely functioning toilet, just a little different because the flusher is actually a step on the base of it in front. Other than that though, it flushes and rinses the bowl with water and everything just like a regular toilet. (And we have a sink in the bathroom as well.)  :)

We do laundry at the on-site laundry rooms that typically all RV parks come standard with. It isn’t exactly cheap though, so I only wash my laundry there and bring it back to the RV and hang it out (under our awning) to dry. My Hubby strung up a clothesline for me to accomplish that task. A lot of RV parks don’t let you hang your laundry out to dry though, so I have been known to get pretty creative hanging it up to dry INSIDE our RV. If it’s that big of a deal, I pay the extra $ to just machine dry them. I have a rolling laundry hamper which makes life infinitely easier when it comes to transporting our clothes.

\laundry 1

It isn’t that big of a deal to go to the laundry facilities…plus it guarantees that we’re making at LEAST two trips to the park per week.


I just wish I was a couple of inches taller…


I know a lot of people think line drying is tacky and looks ghetto, but air is free. Unless I’m told otherwise, or it’s winter, my clothes will be dried this way. I don’t care what other people think.  :)


Now, in regards to organizing an RV bathroom…it should be an Olympic sport. You have to cram all of your (4 people in our case) essentials into a very small area. Once the items are crammed inside, you have to make it so you can actually access them…easily and preferably quick, too. I got smart and decided to make good use of my only naked wall, which is behind the toilet.

1.IMG_0018   2.IMG_0001   3.IMG_1242

1. Standing in our bathroom doorway, the wall to the left is my organizer, underneath is the toilet, the wall across is the medicine cabinet with the sink underneath.

2. The cool blow dryer holder my Mom found for me. It is a super handy thing to have!

3. My wire hooker thingy that I utilize to hold all my headbands and most of my jewelry.

4.IMG_0009   5.IMG_1252

4. My razor came with a nice little suction cup holder but it only sticks to the medicine cabinet mirror, because our shower is textured. It works fine though, cuz it’s still only 2 inches away from me while in the shower.

5. Our toilet.

5.IMG_0011   6.IMG_0012   7.IMG_0013

5. The left side under our medicine cabinet holds our wash clothes, my oil burner that I love…from Tiger, and my brush and comb.

6. The right side holds most of Hubby’s items.

7. The under side of the medicine cabinet along with our bathroom countertop and sink.

8.IMG_1248   9.IMG_1250

8. Left side of bathroom

9. Right side of bathroom

10.IMG_1253   11.IMG_1254

10. Our command center. It is the bathroom on the wall behind the sink. It tells us what our tank levels are at, how much our battery is charge and the button to turn on the water pump when we’re boondocking is there as well.

11. The switch for our water heater and the light telling us to reset it. That light going on and off constantly is usually the way I find out that we’re out of propane.

As a last word, we hang a couple towels on the back of the door, the rest are stored under the sink. (We only carry 4 towels total, btw.) Under the sink, we also store our laundry detergent, the diaper detergent, dawn, the 2 circular laundry holders with hooks that I dry our diaper inserts and wipes on and some bath toys.

That about wraps it up. I hope I was able to answer your questions accurately, Uncle Ron. We love you!

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