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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where Do We Put Our Clothes?

Everywhere! Just kidding…kinda.

We have moved clothing several different times. This home isn’t really well equipped for a huge closet, so without further adieu, I give you…our “closets”.

First up, the Man of the House. He played the martyr and sacrificed the 1 “closet” we had in order for me to have it. The overhead cabinets he removed above the slide, and later placed alongside our bed on the floor, are the new location for his clothes. That’s a mouthful. It was incredible actually. I was certain that there was NO POSSIBLE WAY he was going to be able to shove all his big clunky man pants, numerous t-shirts, socks and boxers into such small square footage…but I stood corrected. Our front door is directly to the right of that cabinet.

1.IMG_0639   2.IMG_0638   3.IMG_0637

1. Top Tote: Socks Bottom Tote: Boxers Side Shorts                           

2. T-Shirts

3. Jeans, Pants, Shorts


Next up, we have my clothing. My “closet” is also the cleaning closet/broom closet and because it’s ultra close to the water heater/furnace/refrigerator…it’s really HOT in there. Believe it or not, I think I managed to bring at least 3, if not 4, weeks of outfits with me. The thing is though, that I wear a lot of flimsy, flouncy, stretchy materials and sometimes, I don’t wear much at all. After all, it IS really hot here in the Summer. This is the first Summer in my life that I actually wore shorts…and not just once in a while…we’re talking pretty much every day. The days I am not wearing shorts, I’m probably wearing a mini skirt. My legs are LOVING the Virginia humidity though! Anyways, I digress. The use of small amounts of fabric (that stretch no less) allows me the ability to roll everything up into these ultra-compact rolls. I have approximately: 7 t-shirts, 7 long-sleeve or 3/4 length shirts, and 9 tank tops/halters. 3 dresses (1 of which is formal), 4 floor-length skirts, 2 minis, 7 shorts, 2 capris, 5 jeans, 1 pair of sweatpants, and 2 pairs of yoga pants. I also brought: 1 pair of leggings, a week’s worth of panties and socks, 5 bras (2 are sports bras), 3 swimming suits and a couple belts. I have 1 pair each of: high heels, wedges, sneakers, skater shoes, fringe boots, Dr. Martens, sandals and flip flops. (Yes, I brought 8 pairs of shoes...don’t tell my Husband)! Oh! I also brought my Urlacher Bear’s jersey and my Hubby brought his Brady Patriot’s jersey (for when we’re feeling competitive)…not that there’s much competition.  :(  In the department of coats (which are stored under our bed during the summer), all 4 of us each brought a stout winter coat, 1 jacket each, 1-2 hoodies each and MHG and I both brought our cloaks. We wear those a lot during the Fall. Other winter gear is stored alongside the coats under our bed. Typically, I store our mini-shop vac in a small rubbermaid tote on top of my dresser.

1.IMG_0371   2.IMG_0372   3.IMG_0373

1. Top Drawer: TOPS                                       

2.Middle Drawer: Unmentionables                                         

3.Bottom Drawer: Bottoms/PJ’s

1.IMG_0374              2.IMG_0376

1. Left Side: Jeans and Jersey’s                

2.Right Side: Skirts, Dresses & my favorite Boho shirt


On top of my closet door are all of my Norwex rags (including some Norwex knock-offs that suck in comparison). I also have my wet/dry Norwex Mopping system, and the Camco Pop-A-Bag grocery bag holder (which works awesome). I mounted mine with screws though, I don’t mess around.


Under the Norwex display I have a few random cleaning items and food storage items (wax paper, aluminum foil). Goo Gone is a MUST in this home and the Norwex rubber brush, spray bottle, dust pan that I never use cuz I sweep directly out my front door. I got the paper towel holder at Wal-Mart.

1.IMG_1142             2.IMG_1143

1. The best pic I could take from the hallway                                            

2. I hung up one of those floor length mirrors on the back of my bathroom door

MHG, Cindy and I all have the same “dressers”. They’re just the Sterilite brand stacking organizers. They come in a billion different colors, are sold nearly everywhere and are cheaply priced at $10 a unit (3 drawers per unit). Cheaper on Amazon…$12 for 6 drawer units…but I couldn’t wait a couple weeks to get them.

MHG’s is pretty hidden away at the end of their bunk bed. She wanted blue. I should mention that MHG’s entire 6 drawer dresser with clothes inside weighs 35lbs…Cindy’s is the same…but, my 3 drawer unit with clothes weighs just as much. They are secured to the wall for transit mode via screws. The screws go through the plastic frame of the dresser into the wall’s studs. The latches I found in the baby department at Target. $3 for a pack of 2. They didn’t stick well, so I hot glued them to the plastic frame and drawer and haven’t had any problems with them falling off ever since. From Top to Bottom MHG’s dresser is organized like this:

1. Unmentionables   2. PJ’s   3. Shorts & Tanks   4. Shirts   5. Pants   6. Dress-up Clothes


Cindy’s dresser is the exact same thing, with the same latches and mounted to the wall the same exact way. Her dresser, Top to Bottom, is organized like this:

1. Random Baby Items i.e. clippers, brush, harness, etc.   2. Socks, Shoes, Hats, etc.   3. PJ’s   4. Tops   5. Bottoms   6. Spare Bedding

IMG_1139             IMG_1140

In order to maximize storage space, we roll up EVERYTHING…except for Hubby. He folds his shirts and pants…but that’s because he HAS to. I learned that handy dandy trick from my long standing girlfriend of 18 years that is a Flight Attendant. That girl can pack an entire state into a suitcase I bet! We are talking about some seriously mad skills!!! Love you Mandy!

Well, I think that pretty much covers all our clothes and where/how they’re stored. Also, I do laundry twice a week. That’s another blog for another day.  :)


  1. I have spent several hours over the last week reading over all of your blog posts. My husband, 3 young kids and our cat are going to start full-time RVing in a little less than a year....sooo excited (wish it was sooner)! I must say, I am enjoying all the publicity you are giving Norwex. I have been a Norwex consultant for 6 years in Penticton, BC, Canada. I'm curious, do you sell Norwex or are you just a huge fan?

    And... I LOVE the reno you did in your RV. You have truly made it personal :D

    1. Hello there Ashlynn! I am very excited for you guys! Trust me, the time will fly fast and pretty soon you'll be starting your full-timing adventure! I LOVE NORWEX!!! I honestly think that everyone should own it and throw out their nasty rags, cleaning supplies and chemicals. I can't figure out why you WOULDN'T want to use Norwex? It is honestly a win-win-win situation across the board. I am not a consultant though. I am not good at selling stuff. I did look into selling it, but I don't like the thought of having to meet the monetary quota in just a short couple of months. It is ideal for RVers though and seriously, word should spread through the RVing community. I'm glad you like our renovations...there's so much more we're going to do, and even more past that that I'd like to convince the hubby to do or let me do...

      Thanks for reading! I appreciate it!


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