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Monday, July 29, 2013

Upholstering The Cornices

The first cornice I upholstered, is the one above our front door. It was an ugly plaid design and I reupholstered it with our old maroon and gold Victorian-like curtain fabric. It matches the curtains I made that are up behind the kitchen sink.

IMG_1078              IMG_1081

  IMG_1079              IMG_1080 

 IMG_1082              IMG_1084


Next up, is the cornice that goes above the girls’ hallway door. It’s on the inside of their room, not the hallway side.

IMG_1090             IMG_1091


Lastly, I upholstered the cornice that goes above the girls’ door to the outside. Their cornices are midnight blue crushed velvet with bronze metallic screen printed on stars. MHG had picked them out forever ago to make bed curtains for her top bunk. With the lattice treehouse now, there’s really no need for bed curtains.

IMG_1092             IMG_1093


I will not be keeping the cornice above their hallway door forever. Eventually, Ahdoo is going to install a door frame, door jam, threshold, and Dutch doors for their bedroom, so at that point, a door cornice won’t be necessary. He’ll do such a nice job framing it out with the trim, that I won’t want to cover the top trim up with a fabric cornice.

I can’t wait for the Dutch doors! They will be the final touches to their room! Dutch doors are the doors that are kind of like barn doors, where the top and bottom of the door can be opened separately, or locked together to both open as one. I figured that it’ll be like having a door or baby gate depending on which I prefer at any given moment. We will also be putting a cat door in the bottom, so the boys are always able to get in and out of their room. We will be using some old-world style hinges to give the room kind of a fairytale/pirate/fantasy theme. I can’t wait…I’m hoping that the door comes out looking something a little like this…and if I can convince my Husband to round the top of the door I will squee with joy!!! Yes…I said squee.

dutch door 1 dutch door 2 dutch door 4 dutch door 3

I would love it to have the window from pic #1. I would want it to be extra reinforced like pic  #2. I LOVE the wood in pic #3. I would be thrilled to find the HINGES from pic #4 for it.  Something like that. If it can’t be rounded, I still NEED the Dutch doors, and I would prefer some cool, black, wrought-iron looking hinges. The window isn’t necessary really, but I’m pretty sure reinforcing it is important.

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