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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Treehouse Bunk Bed Part 3: Completion

We were finally able to finish the treehouse! Ahdoo started off by framing out the area that will be MHG’s siderail, then he framed out Cindy’s siderail and the end of Cindy’s bed.
He attached the frame to the bed with corner braces.
At the ceiling, the frame (of course) didn’t line up with any joists, so he attached 3 corner braces to supports that were bolted to the frame and screwed that tight into the ceiling joists.
Once all the frames were built and secured to the bed and ceiling, he attached the lattice.
He attached a cross beam along the ceiling from the end of the bed lattice to the side rail lattice. Once that was secure, he incorporated a fence post spindle that she could hold onto to pull herself up into bed.
Upon my suggestion, he made her a rock climbing wall-ish step halfway between her and her sister’s bunk that she could step on to get into her bunk a lot easier. It was pretty funny watching her get into bed in the past…but no longer.
He blasted screws through the lattice into the bed and frame at every chance he got. That lattice isn’t going anywhere and we’ve all tried!
Here’s the treehouse completed. Now, I’m gonna go get a bunch of ivy vines and weave them around the frames and a little through the lattice. I can’t wait! That’ll be the finishing touches, but in the meantime, I wanted you to all see it in its fully constructed state.
The girls absolutely love it!!! Now they enjoy finding new ways to play in it. I taught them how to weave blanket ends into it and make a fort…that provides endless hours of entertainment!
Here’s MHG demonstrating her new step and railing. She’s happy as a clam now!!!
IMG_0249 IMG_0251
Cindy, for the first time ever, willingly got into bed. She amused herself by reading big sister’s magazine upside down, lol.
Onyx and Tigger even got in on the action. Ahdoo teased Onyx through the lattice for a little bit.
We even picked them up one of those cheap plastic poles/material house thingys. It has a scratching post and is the “Sleepy Corner” unit. It fits at the end of MHG’s bed perfectly. Now, maybe they won’t bother her as much since they have their own bed to curl up in?
I am realizing that I need to incorporate more solid colors and less patterns into their room. My oh my. More importantly though, I’m just happy that our girls are completely safe now. It’s pretty awesome that their Dad is a handyman and was able to make it aesthetically pleasing as well! He’s so talented!!! Thanks Ahdoo!!! You’re the best!!!


  1. Looks so great! I am feeling sorry for you when it comes time to change the sheets though! Re-making the quad bunkbed for our boys is a real pain in the you-know-where.


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