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Friday, July 19, 2013


Heck yea! Friday is here finally! Today, we started off with a bit of screwing around. I painted mine and the girls’ nails bright yellow…it makes me think of my bestie’s daughter. I love you M&M’s!
yellow nails
Eventually I had to get to the laundry. Laundry day, believe it or not, is always a day that is much looked forward to…for the girls at least. Laundry day means playing at the park and having ice cream! I spend a LOT of money on laundry. I wash 2-3 loads per trip 2 times per week. That adds up to anywhere from $30-80 per month.
laundry 1
We got to the park and the real fun began.
faye slide
Avalon slide
faye swing tree
Ava lip
Out here in Virginia, there are these most glorious flowering trees EVERYWHERE!!! Most of them flower these gorgeous pink/red flowers and some others…white. I’ve been wanting to photograph the girls in front of them before their blooms fall off.
Faye flower tree
Girls flower tree     me ava flower tree kiss
me faye flowering tree
After I was done photographing the girls, we loaded up into the truck and drove the 2 feet to the laundry room. It’s hot as “you know what” here and along with a billion percent humidity, I’m not going to walk even 2 feet!!! I guess with the heat index it was 105 degrees…and it definitely felt like it!
The girls asked if they could sit up front and since we were going the 2 feet to the laundry room and the speed limit is heavily enforced at the whopping 6mph (lol), I figured, what the heck? Cindy got to drive and she was pretty stoked about that. MHG was just as excited to be able to sit in the front seat.
  ava driving
faye front seat
Once we got home, we each pounded about 3 glasses of water, were grateful for our new Brita filter on the sink and gave thanks for our not one but TWO air conditioners. It is always a perfect 68 degrees in here. Heck yea!
Once Ahdoo got home, he set up the sprinkler for us and the girls and I enjoyed some long awaited water play.
dusk sprinkler
 me ava wet
faye sprinkler
He sat over under the awning enjoying the fan. After busting his butt in this heat and humidity (outside) all day he had no energy to run around in the sprinklers acting like a loon (like the rest of us, haha!)
Nic fan
Afterwards, MHG got her P.E. for the day, running while pushing her sister all over the road in her car. We took turns, but it’s been a while since I’ve done any cardio…so I just speed walked her, lol. On a side note, I am pathetic and need to start cardio again!
bikini car
 sunny car

She obviously wasn’t thrilled when I pushed her. Sissy does it the best…
sissy car
sissy car 2
After all that excitement was over and done with, MHG went inside to enjoy the air conditioning AND finally get to play with her Monster High dolls without her little sister bothering her! She was in heaven! Meanwhile, Cindy was outside with us and Ahdoo was showing her how to operate the solar powered owl spotlight Grandma got us quite a ways back. Cindy likes to hold onto it for dear life and run around saying “Hoo! Hoo!”
ahdoo ava owl light
It was a long day for all of us, so after dinner the girls went to bed without any complaints (I’m sure their awesome bed helps in that department) and Ahdoo and I were able to enjoy each other outside in the peace and quiet. It didn’t last long though. We went to bed early because he was going to get up early and do it all over again in the morning. This man works like a dog. After all, when you call in the thunder, you get him.  ;)
P.S. His new rental. His last car was a Chevy HHR…it looked like a PT Cruiser kinda. We’re pretty lucky that his company gets him rental cars…that way we don’t have to put the wear and tear on “The Beast” and we still are a 2 car family. Yay!

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