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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Treehouse Bunk Bed Part 2: Upside Down Sewing

I started off the day by painting the 2x2’s brown to give them a more woodsy appeal. Then, I wrapped the 1 upright with some berry strands to see what they’ll start to look like. I liked it and decided to move on to attaching some leaf covered fabric to the exposed duct tape. I am so sick of looking at the duct tape. It actually worked out perfectly, because when we duct taped the bed, we placed foam behind it first to pad it. Essentially, I took the long route to upholstering their bed.
The horizontal board was upholstered via staples…then I accidentally destroyed my staple gun…somehow. This left me with only one more option, because a glue gun wouldn’t hold up to abuse from my kids. Sewing.
After I upholstered the first board (the pic above), I decided there is no way I could upholster the corners, or sections between boards…so I, get this, PAINTED the duct tape! Lol! Who saw that coming?! I felt like a achieved new levels of lame, so while I upholstered the rest of the exposed duct tape, I brainstormed how to cover the ridiculous painted duct tape.
Once I finished upholstering, I had come up with the idea to hot glue leaves onto the painted duct tape areas. While I was gluing, I had an unfortunate mishap with the glue gun. Some dripped right onto my finger and it was so hot and painful that I couldn’t bring myself to wipe it off. It blistered immediately, and as if that wasn’t painful enough, I then had to rip the cooled down glue off the blister. That was terrific. It was such a small blister, but it had incredible pain.
(In the above pic, you can see the Star wars AT-AT walker that saved MHG’s head)
(The blister immediately after, and 1 day later)
IMG_0134 IMG_0139 IMG_0140
I like how the corner that is next to the wall (the above pic) looks like it’s growing off the tree. After that, I had a bunch of leftover ivy leaves, so I glued them to the side of Cindy’s dresser so it’s not as much of an eye sore in their room.
I really like how everything turned out. It’s coming together nicely and I can’t wait to get the rest of the lattice up, paint the framing, weave ivy throughout and sit back to appreciate everything. I think my Husband and I are a good team! He builds the awesome stuff and I put the finishing touches on it. Thanks honey for making this all happen and for keeping our girls safe. I love you!

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