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Monday, July 29, 2013

Highlights From Our Week

life of ours

Last Saturday, we went to the Farmer’s Market this past weekend. We walked away with $20 of steals! I was really impressed with the delicious hydroponic lettuce from one vendor.


Cindy decided she was going to start shucking the corn days before I was ready. It was so precious that I decided to let her do it all.

shuck 1

She thought shucking the corn was the greatest thing in the world, as seen in the pic below.

shuck 2


For $20, we got a pint of blackberries, a pint of blueberries, 3 Hanover tomatoes, a bundle of carrots, hydroponic lettuce, 6 ears of corn, 1 huge green pepper, 2 smaller yellow peppers, 2 bulbs of garlic and 2 pounds of potatoes (4 potatoes). Not a bad deal, AND everything was chemical-free, except the blackberries. The old farmer selling them told me they were Organic, but he sprayed them on Monday’s. I asked why he told people they’re Organic and he answered, “I don’t know what it means, but people sure like hearing it!” I laughed and explained to him what it meant to clear up in lingering confusion. He thanked me for telling him what it meant and said he no longer was going to tell people that.

farmers market food

Ahdoo got home after working half the day and He and MHG just channel surfed while Cindy napped between them and I talked on the phone outside.

Avvie Naps

On Sunday, we were planning on going swimming. It had been hotter than Hades all week and I finally talked the Hubby into swimming (he doesn’t like swimming in other people’s pools cuz of how well the chlorine DOESN’T work). Sure enough, it poured down rain ALL day! We took the girls out for lunch instead and laughed at all the Virginia drivers on the way home. Practically every other car was scared enough, by the sheets of rain coming down, that they turned on their hazard lights while driving, yet never once slowed down or pulled over. The even funnier thing is, of half the people with hazards lights on, they didn’t have their regular lights on. It was ridiculous!

Here are a few silly pics from the week:

MH House 

Av Lorax


rock on



(Above: This is finally the method I’m going with to dry the laundry. Before it was hanging all over our home and in the way OR I was spending a small fortune on quarters to machine dry.)

av down dog  Av hair


IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0866

The girls joined in on our “dance cooking” session too earlier this week.


Earlier in the dance cooking day, I watched from afar (not actually thinking she’d get higher than one step) as Cindy climbed all the way up the rock climbing wall at the playground. I can’t say I was all too pleased. She JUST turned 2 and she’s absolutely fearless. Her sister NEVER did anything like this. She excelled artistically and academically…not athletically. I honestly didn’t think she’d make it to the top…but she did. After a day of rock climbing and dance cooking, she passed out in her own bed, but around 1am, when Hubby and I finally came inside for the night, there she was, curled up in our bed, fast asleep.

IMG_0778 IMG_0780 IMG_0781


My hair is getting so frickin’ long. I have no choice but to start trying out new ways to do it. Also, I bought 2 new headbands from Wal-Mart. The hippy flower headband & turquoise one were only $4 ea.

hippy headbandfishtailcrown braidpeasant turquoise headband  

Here’s my Boho jewelry from one day this week. The “mom loves zoe” heart is a charm on the bracelet she gave me a very long time ago. Her Mom gave it to her, she gave it to me, and I’ll give it to whichever of my girls that want it someday. However, most of my assorted bracelets are either clearance finds from Target, or eBay steals. The key necklace was given to me by my mom a while back and the owl locket I found on eBay. The shirt is from Wal-Mart. (An ash burnt a tiny but noticeable hole in my shirt, so I cropped it.)   

Mom loves Zoenecklacesbracelets  

We had some good eats this week. A ton of homegrown veggies, thanks to the Farmer’s Market. If it’s an option, I usually stick to Organic items and foods. They cost more, but in the end, your health reaps the benefit when you aren’t paying a fortune in medical bills and co-pays. :)


IMG_0877(Above: I realize that all of these items are processed [usually I try to avoid processed foods and bleached sugar/flour] but we’re trying to eat up the food in our pantry before we go shopping again. We’re still adjusting to grocery shopping weekly.)


We celebrated our Anniversary on Thursday. I love that man with every single last fiber of my being. Words seriously CANNOT express how depth my love and devotion to him are. I did post a blog on our 9 years together (8 married) here: Typically, I get a card for our Anniversary. We’re not really the types to get each other Birthday/Christmas/Anniversary presents, unless either of us really want something. This year though, I don’t want flowers (they die and I have nowhere for them), or a card (I know He loves me and I don’t scrapbook anymore), or jewelry (an expensive and useless waste of money-in my opinion). All I wanted was a quick photo session together and he shockingly obliged. :)



embrace 1 


Happy Family  

holding handshearts as one 

After our photo session, we enjoyed the rest of our evening together playing with the girls. There were car rides and bubbles and lots and lots of “The Claw”!!!



IMG_0999             IMG_1023

MHG’s tomatoes are growing SUPER fast and the plant on the right already has 3 blooms on it! Pretty soon we’re going to be picking our own ORGANIC tomatoes!!! Woohoo!

IMG_0966             IMG_0964

My basil has literally exploded with growth, my oregano and parsley are doing just alright at about 3 inches in height, and I’m pretty sure I cannot grow spearmint in Virginia. That’s ironic, because years ago, spearmint was the only herb that I COULD grow in Colorado. Go figure.


The last of the gifts from my Mom and Faye, that were hidden in the RV, was a solar powered mushroom lawn light. It is soooooooooo freaking awesome and it matches the Dryad she got me a while back, perfectly!!!! Thank you very much Mom! I love it, and I love you!



Dad and Ma (Ahdoo’s parents) sent a very sweet card with such an inspirational message to us written inside. Thanks guys! We love you!

IMG_1076 IMG_1077

Saturday the girls just had fun running around both inside and out, and later that afternoon I ruined the majority of my Norwex rags when I let the water boil out of the pan and melt them to it. :( No one’s perfect.


 IMG_1026             IMG_1027

He worked on Saturday, but on Sunday, he decided to start working on and planning out the design for our dinette. I really wanted to put the hardwood floor in first, and after a couple unfortunate mishaps on my part this weekend, I think he felt sorry for me, and finally let me pick out the floor I wanted. That blog is here: 

Last, but not least, we were treated to this beautiful sight Monday evening. This Full Moon has gotten me especially frisky, ornery and feisty the past few days…that’s for sure. Oh well. I am a Cancer after all (astrological sign) and Cancer’s are incredibly influenced by the Moon. I just have been noticeably MORE influenced by this one! (Or perhaps it’s just my newfound freedom???)

buck moon

(Above: The ultra dark areas were the clouds passing in front of it. It was really cloudy that night.)

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