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Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday toooo……Me!

Here I am when I was born…in Illinois. My Mom likes to tell everyone that I was nearly a 10lb baby…(9lbs 8.5oz to be exact). I like my cool little newborn mohawk. Thanks for giving birth to me Mom and putting up with me all these years. I love you very much!
my bday pic
I started my “special” day off doing lots and lots of laundry. I had to deal with a washing machine failure with my dirty diapers too and scalding hot water…needless to say, my day certainly didn’t start out very well. The waiting for laundry to either wash or dry periods though were fun. The girls and I blew bubbles, played at the park and talked on the phone to people.
Yesterday, my honey got me a few early birthday gifts.
#1: Privacy
(He installed a brand new door knob in our bathroom that locks!)
#2: Good Health
(He got me a Brita filter that mounts directly to our faucet…AND, it frees up the huge shelf in my fridge now so I can pack it with more healthy food!!! Is there anything better than filtered water and healthy food? Woohoo!)
#3: Peace of Mind
(Now I know my girls are safe!!!)
#4: Pampering
(I got 3 new nailpolish colors. Since being out here, I am not stressed anymore. I’ve stopped biting my nails and they grow longer everyday.)
Once Ahdoo got off of work, He and MHG made me a lovely card/picture. It is precious.
Later this evening he took us out to the Longhorn Steakhouse. They have excellent food AND service!!! Our favorite waitress is named Faye. She takes excellent care of us! I broke every vegan rule in the book and had Lobster tail and 12 shrimps and I took home my lava cake to enjoy later. (I didn’t make it as presentable as they do at the restaurant, but it was still to die for outta this world!)
After we got home, we put the girls to bed, but not before I got a picture with them for my Birthday. After all, they are the greatest gift that I could ever ask for in this world!
Once they were asleep, I enjoyed that lava cake/ice cream (pictured above) and found a present that my Mom and MHG had hidden in the RV before we left Colorado. It was a gift of gifts that they both put together for me. It was incredibly thoughtful! 
IMG_0270 IMG_0276
I got organic socks (I’ve never been so excited to receive socks in my life! I LOVE organic stuff!!!) They are the softest, most comfortable socks in the universe!!!
IMG_0275 IMG_0354
I also got an iTunes gift card, a couple t-shirts, 1 of which is organic (yay!), some key fob covers, refill pack for my notepad, a tree pin and few other little trinkets. Thanks Mom and MHG! I love it all!
Hands down though, the Mad-Dana headband that can be worn 10 different ways, is definitely my FAVORITE gift of all!!! This thing is the coolest!!!
I’m 28 now! Last year was a pretty good year for me. I turned my health around, got back into hitting the Yoga hardcore, homeschooled my eldest for the first time ever (and that rocked!), pulled off the incredible feat of moving into our RV by myself with 2 little girls, nursed my baby for her 2nd year of life and successfully weaned her, said goodbye and hello again to my hubby after a year, and spiritually centered myself once more. I feel like I finally found myself and where my place is in this big ol’ world. I think this is going to be a fantastic year for me and my family!!!
I was a little bummed that I couldn’t spend my birthday this year with my other loved ones, but I was elated to be able to spend it with my Hubby finally! Last year he was outta state, and although my best friend put together a very special birthday for me (and I loved everything about it!) it just wasn’t the same without my Husband. Thank you Ahdoo for a wonderful evening. I love you very, very much!
P.S. I still would like to get a hammock…I found a kick-butt one online…  ;)


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Looks like you had an amazing day and were spoiled just like you should be. I love your outlook on life :)

    Miss you all!

    p.s. I LOVE the mad dana

  2. Oooh I love the headband! We have been looking for hammocks too. Tell me what you decide on. And happy birthday! You certainly had reason to celebrate.

  3. Thank you Sarah and Lyss for the Birthday wishes! The Mad Dana is truly, truly the coolest headband I have ever gotten/found/bought. Totally cool. You can wear it as a scarf, beanie, headband, headscarf, OR you can use it as a ponytail holder for either a ponytail, or to use in making a bun or other updo. It supposedly works great as a pom-pom beanie for little girls, too. Right now, I'm not sharing, I'm still enjoying all of its versatility. ;) I hope you both are well, and I miss you both!!!


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