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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boho Hobos RV-egan: Hummus Recipe

I officially ran out of store brand hummus and had all the ingredients to make my own.
I substituted fresh parsley with fresh basil though…since my parsley hasn’t grown enough to actually be able to harvest yet. I couldn’t tell the difference taste-wise.
I use Pink Himalayan salt instead of sea salt. Supposedly, pink salt is hydrating instead of dehydrating. I don’t know how…I thought salt was salt.
Then I added the paprika, olive oil, water and mixed it all up.
IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0425
After all the ingredients were blended together, I added the 15oz can of garbanzo beans…that wasn’t enough, so I added a second can. In the future, I’m going to cook my beans instead of using canned ones. I don’t like my food to be canned or frozen…the preservatives and the bpa-lined cans are not good for you.
After everything was blended into the beans, I gave it a taste. Here’s the thing…it definitely was no Sabra hummus. I think the 2nd can of beans gave it too much of a beany taste. So, I added more lemon juice, olive oil and water. It made it a bit runnier, like I wanted it to, but it still didn’t taste right. I will continue tweaking the recipe in the future. I think it needs a LOT more garlic and then it would be perfect.
Regardless, the hummus and Stacy’s pita chips complimented my vegan sandwich perfectly. It was a sandwich consisting of whole wheat bread, vegan rice cheese, Yves fake “bologna”, red pepper, green pepper, onion, spinach, tomato, mustard and hummus. It was delicious! I don’t always put fake cheese and fake meat on my sando’s…usually I just enjoy a good ol’ veggie sandwich, however, today I was in the mood for fake stuff.
IMG_0428 IMG_0430
*As a quick side note: A little over a month ago, I told my Husband that I came up with a clever name to call my future RV/Vegan cookbook. “RVegan”. I wanted to start a sister blog called RVegan…but just before I did that, I thought it wise to check first to see if anyone else had the same clever name as I. As it turns out, I am not as original as I thought I was, lol! I found the blog: and I fell in love with it instantly!!! If anyone is interested in Vegan food, you should check it out…it’s now one of my most fave blogs. If I ever come up with another blog I think I’ll name it:  Do you think that’s too long? Maybe I should do instead? Input is appreciated. Thanks everyone!!!