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Friday, June 14, 2013

Y’All Come Back Now…Heah?

 IMG_8895 IMG_8896
These two spent a good part of the road trip in this position, lol! I wish I could say the same for my cats.
After driving through St. Louis, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and half of Kentucky, we finally stopped for the night in Salt Lick, Kentucky at the Outpost RV Park. The RV park was a few minutes south off of I-64, it was a cute, quaint little park with a pool and a fun little playground. We were too tired to go swimming, but the girls did take full advantage of the playground while I watched them and DH was able to set up the RV for the night. We had full hook-ups, everyone was super friendly, and the staff was incredibly helpful. I'm pretty sure that time doesn't exist in Kentucky (I felt too citified and always in a rush. I was constantly trying to tell myself to relax, slow down and just take it all in. There was no need to be in a hurry.)
We had his work call us earlier that day to tell us our company card was temporarily turned off due to some $500 purchases. We freaked out! The most expensive gas charge we ever made was $100, and it’s not approved for ATM use, so no one could have stolen it and used it. We were at a loss. Wells Fargo said we could still use it, but for every purchase here on out, we would have to call ahead for approval to make each gas purchase. After I asked some fellow rv’ers if this had happened to them at Pilot gas stations, it turns out it IS actually quite common for them to place a hold on your card of a set amount of money in the $---‘s range on top of your actual purchase price. In a few days, those $500 charges are supposed to go away.

The next morning, we pulled out, refreshed, for the remainder of our journey. We have the other half of Kentucky, West Virginia (the state) and on to Richmond, VA to tackle still.


  1. Louisville is awesome, but the raods are just a little confusing. At least you skipped cincy, the roads there will have you pulling your hair out!

    1. Lol! My girlfriend and Hubby's Uncle live in Cincinnati and I really wanted to go visit them both...but it was just too outta the way for us. We were on a mission and it was a good thing too, cuz by the time we got to our destination in VA it was about 8 or 9pm and we were exhausted.


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