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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Virginia: We Made It!

We are officially in VIRGINIA!!! We put 1,666 miles of road between us and our family back in Colorado. We already miss them dearly.
Virginia is stunning! Everywhere you look there are massive deciduous trees covered in ivy. It looks like a forest out of a fairy tale. They say Virginia is for lovers, and I am definitely in love!
We made it! I can’t believe we just drove 1,666 miles across the country from Colorado to Virginia, with 2 kids and 2 cats, lol! It wasn’t too bad either! I am glad though, that we only have to do this once every few months, or a year or so. I’m not that adventurous yet, haha!
To everyone that helped in one way or another to get us here today, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are blessed to have such an incredible support system of friends and family. We are so happy that we are together, forevermore as well. I can’t believe sometimes that we went a whole year without DH…other than the 1 week long visit every 2-3 months! Now, we can rework our bond and grow closer together…enjoy good times together and make new memories. I love this crazy, wild, eccentric and different life of mine!!!
***Through those trees at the back of the RV is a freaking Interstate approx. 30-40ft away! Needless to say, we are moving into a new spot on Tuesday that is on the complete other side of the RV park. It is so loud here at this one that you have to scream to each other and hopefully, you’ll hear one another. I can’t wait til Tuesday!***

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