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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday June Twenty-Fifth Two Thousand Thirteen

bday girl no.2 cp
Cinderella spent her 2nd birthday having a lot of fun! We started the morning off enjoying our last nursing session together. The bond through nursing, that we spent creating over the past two years, will always be an incredibly special time for me. I’m glad I decided to not care about what anybody thought and just followed my intuition. She’s ready to stop now though, I know she’ll be ok with it.
Last Nursing Session
After she finished with her last milkies, MHG, Cindy and I all enjoyed a yummy, nutritious breakfast together. Once we were done eating, everyone bathed and got all dolled up for the day. I gave special attention to Cindy because I was going to do my typical birthday photo op. Pigtails were cute and easy…getting her to sit still in a chair, was not.
bday girlpretty bday girlava me 2nd bday
Since she was having so much fun being photographed inside (NOT!), I thought I’d try mixing it up and would attempt it outside in the sunlight. First up, is a pic of my daughter’s classic “Angry Ahdoo” face, it’s not her impression of him, it just bears a striking resemblance to Ahdoo’s when he isn’t thrilled. It probably is one of my favorite looks of hers…next to her “no holds bar” grin!
2nd bday angry face
Finally, she cheered up and played around with her sister and I for a bit and her bucket of outdoor toys.
2nd bday girls hugme ava 2nd bday sun2nd bday bucket
Big sister enjoyed her fun in the sun while blowing bubbles for the birthday girl. What a wonderful big sister she is too!
MHG bubbles bwMHG bubbles
After a much more pleasant photo session, we went inside, pooped and hot, to enjoy some lunch. Cindy’s favorite treat is, believe it or not, seaweed sheets. I love that she loves healthy food.
After a much needed 3 1/2 hour nap, she woke up to Ahdoo getting home! He kept the kids busy inside while I wrapped presents outside. He and MHG started a craft project. It is painting a ceramic owl. He taught her the different ways to do brushstrokes.
ahdoo mhg paint
After a quick dinner of cold cut sandwiches (it was WAY too hot and humid for a hot dinner)…
dada ava 2nd bday
We did things all out of order and opened presents first.
2nd bday wand
Without anyone’s help or guidance, she used her wand to poke a hole in every present so she could rip them open from the hole, instead of just ripping them open. I thought that was pretty creative of her.
hole poke 1
From Grandma, she received a Sprig toy. I love their toys. They’re safe and made from natural rubberwood. It’s the Fred Shred set that allows Fred to either skateboard, surf or snowboard. Very cool. Thank you Grandma!!!
fred shred
From big sister she received a “hoodie” for her baby. Since she loves hoodies so much, sister thought that she might want one for her baby as well. She was right! (It’s actually a bathrobe, but Cindy doesn’t know or care.)
baby hoodie
From Ahdoo and I, she received a wagon to pull her babies around in. It ended up being her most favorite present…such an easy to please kid. These 3 ended up being her favorites, but she also got a fishing set to play fish, a hand bag with owls on it to carry babies (which she loved til she got the wagon, lol), a couple hooks for her room and a bib for baby. It wasn’t a lot compared to last year, or big sister’s birthday pasts, but living in an RV now, we can’t bring a lot into here obviously.
baby wagon bw
After presents, we had the cake and ice cream…of course!
me 2nd bday rv
no. 2 radiance
She was funny when I came out. She looked at that cake like “Oh my gosh! Is that for me?!”
She really enjoyed blowing out the candle, ate only 3 bites of her cake, inhaled her ice cream and took off like a wild woman to start running laps around our site with baby in the wagon behind her. That was a really long run on sentence…but that’s about how quick it all happened.
cake face
cake face 2 cake face 3                    
At the end of the day, we let Tigger get in on the action. After the girls went to bed, he was restless and incessantly meowing, so we threw the new harness and leash on him and let him come outside to explore. He was totally thrilled. That cat is completely content just rolling around in the grass and sleeping on the rocks.
I apologize for this turning out to be a ridiculously long post, but I wanted to do it all in one for the ease and sake of my family and friends. We love all of you guys and wished you could have enjoyed the day with all of us. We miss you all and hope you are doing well!

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  1. Hi! Hope this gets to yu. I am so happy for all of you ad so proud of the fantastic life that you have created for yourselves and the kids! Talk soon. Much love, Aunt San.


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