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Thursday, June 20, 2013

How To Make Laundry Day Fun

Today I was eventually forced into attacking the 7 loads of laundry we have accumulated. But that’s ok, because laundry day should translate into have a lot of fun day because we have so much downtime day! Lol. In between loads washing and drying and washing and drying, we hit up the park on site and their store as well. Our day went something like this…

Laundry is washing, let’s go to the park! They love this park because it’s shaped like a castle fort. My eldest always climbs to the top and announces that we should all bow to her because she is the Queen…she wishes.  ;)


The slide entertains for super extended periods of time, especially for our youngest kiddo. She would go down that thing all day long if I let her. In the picture, big sister is helping her, but she typically goes down it by herself. She’s fearless.


The first round is done and it’s time to start the second round of laundry. This time, we play at the park for a little bit, then hit up the store for some ice cream. They are on cloud 9 by this point.

IMG_9165 IMG_9166

Apparently, laundry day is exhausting. At 6:30, they both passed out for a nap. My youngest sleeps with her eyes open when she’s super tired. It’s pretty creepy, lol.

IMG_9169 IMG_9170

Ahdoo got home from work and bbq’d for everyone…but the day wasn’t over yet…


There was still popsicles, and hula hooping and moon gazing to be done first!!!

 IMG_9174 IMG_9180 IMG_9181 IMG_9185

MHG told me to say thank you to Jedi, Tiger and M&M’s for her telescope! She said it was the greatest birthday present EVER, now that she’s finally getting to use it! The moon did look pretty kick-butt, being able to check it out that close up! Good call you guys!

THEN, after moon gazing, it was time for a trip to dreamland.  :)

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