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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today is…in theory…our last day with my Sister in Law (Auntie H), Brother in Law (Uncle Nee) & their Son (Nephew). The kids enjoyed the early afternoon and after dinnertime at their home running around their backyard. We bbq’d later that evening with the rest of my DH’s family. Good food, good times and good company.
Around 3, we headed over to the home of my Daughter’s best friend. Her Mother and I were becoming quite close as well. It was hard for us to say our “see ya laters” because of that. Everything happens for a reason though, and now, ALL of my closest friends live in other states, so this is not new to me. It will most likely bring us even closer together, if anything. We enjoyed the afternoon watching the kids running around and drinking sweet tea. It is ALWAYS a pleasure to visit their home.
We’re gonna miss you guys and we love you!
On the following day, I forced my Hubby to buy himself a new “garage” for the RV. He has a LOT of mechanics tools and other tools and they HAVE to come with us. This was the only logical thing to do. Look at how shiny and new it is! That won’t last long, I’m sure.  ;)
Later that evening, we were visited by Pip and his dog Buddy. The girls were having so much fun playing with his doggy. Cindy kept shaking his paw, lol. After everyone had some pizza, MHG took to climbing the tree in Nonnie and Papoo’s (my in-laws) front yard, while Cindy ran around with her leash on. We had a couple beers and said one of our last goodbyes to Pip.
If you look closely, towards the top middle, you can see her hand and only her hand, lol!
Farewell Pip! Thanks for all your help through all of this adventure! You are an amazing friend and we will miss you greatly! P.S. You should let us take Buddy to Virginia, lol! ;)  Now that I think about it, I should dognap all our friends’ doggies…Buddy, Bubba and Athena…you’re comin’ with me!

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