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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fun With Friends And Family

This weekend we had the pleasure of hanging out with my bestie and her familia one more time. They paid $60 for the first time in there life to “camp”. In all of our minds, it wasn’t REAL camping, but we still all had a really good time nonetheless. REAL camping is when we all go up in the middle of nowhere, pitch a tent (in their case, open their pop-up camper) and are in the middle of nowhere to hike the trails, practice some target shooting and be as loud as we wanna. I’m so glad they came up!!!

Jedi & DH  Cindy & Tiger Cindy & Bubba DooHockey Man, M&M's, & MHG Tiger & Jedi DH & Me     Cindy & Tiger MHG & M&M's DH & Bubba Doo The Moon...obviously Me & Tiger

Thanks for all your help these past couple months! I’m gonna miss you so much Stacy! I liv you ho! I’ll see you in Theobia soon!

We were also visited over the weekend by one of my husband’s longest standing friends. He’s known “the Barbarian” since High School, I believe. He also brought along his incredibly sweet girlfriend. They stopped by on their way up to visit his property. Once they got there, his sweetie girlfriend was very thoughtful and came up with the idea to rid his property of some fallen timber. On their way back to the Springs, they stopped by once more to drop of their firewood to us.


TBGF (The Barbarian's Girlfriend) & The Barbarian


DH, Jedi & The Barbarian

We cooked out some burgers (and a boca burger for me) and campin’ dined.  ;)

After the weekend was over, we headed down to Colorado Springs to eat with our friends at the Black Bear restaurant.

DH, Me, Cindy, MHG, Tiger, Jedi & M&M's

I like how the boys both look all rough and grumble and us girls are all smiles, lol.

Once finishing up there, we said our goodbye’s and headed up North to visit DH’s family.

IMG_8639 Monster High Girl, Nephew & Cindy MHG, Cindy & Nephew MHG & Nephew Nephew & CindyCindy & Nephew Papoo, Nephew & Cindy  Nephew, MHG, & CindyMe, DH, MGH, Nonnie, Papoo, Cindy, Uncle Nee,Autie H & Nephew 

We had a bunch of fun watching all 3 of the kiddos dancing together and just having an all-around great time! Our nephew got a new adorable little buzz cut! Just when I think that kid is as cute as lil boys come, he breaks out a whole new level of adorableness!!! Our kids have such a good time when they’re all together…we are really gonna miss everyone, but we have new adventures and different kinds of fun times ahead of us now.

On our way home, we were treated to yet another beautiful mountain sunset.

IMG_8675Pikes Peak at Sunset IMG_8681

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