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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Do You Know What You’re Doing?

It is time to hitch “Hope” up to the Beast and pull out of Green Mountain Falls, CO. We stayed at the Rocky Top Motel & Campground. They were such sweet, helpful people! The prices are the cheapest you’ll find around and the staff were incredibly generous and knowledgeable. The scenery is breathtaking and the park is really quiet-day AND night. If you’re ever rolling through Colorado Springs, so anywhere west of it, I HIGHLY recommend you stay with these guys! Van and Cindy are the owners and they’ll treat ya great!!!
So, here we go! My DH got her all hitched up and for his first time EVER towing something this big, he gets to do it on a 7% downhill grade! Yay! We’ve always been the all or nothin’ kind of people, but this is just craziness!!! He even got a quick crash course in how to operate a brake controller for the first time, but his first time actually operating it, was on that 7% grade. I’m sure someone out there, reading this right now, is holding their breath…

He decided to go UP the hill first and turn around at Wal*Mart. He wanted to first figure out his brake controller, warm up the brakes and oh yeah, he forgot to attach the towing mirrors, so now he can do that once in the parking lot, lol!
   IMG_8838 IMG_8845
Now, he heads down the steep hill, and if I hadn’t known any better, I would’ve thought he’d done this his whole life. What a pro!
My kitty ended up getting the royal treatment and riding on my lap most of the way down the pass. My DH’s cat got to enjoy the ride stuffed in his kitty carrier. We’re gonna need another one for my boy though. If he thinks he’s riding 1,666 miles to Virginia on my lap, he has another thing coming!
Someone cut me off on the Interstate and I was never able to catch back up to my honey. I figured if he wasn’t pulled over on the side of the road, then he was doing a good job.  On a more somber note though, I noticed up to the northeast, there was a huge plume of smoke. After going through the Waldo Canyon Fire with my Mom last summer, that is never a good thing to see. It strikes fear in anyone’s hearts around here for what’s to come. The closer I got to my in-laws, the larger that plume grew.
He made it safe and sound and in one piece. I am so INCREDIBLY proud of him. Tomorrow we head to Virginia. But for now, we still have a lot of loose ends to wrap up.
Here’s the plume from my in-laws neighborhood. This is complete déjàvu from last year. It even seems the same distance away. As it turns out, it is actually in the neighboring town to the NE of Colorado Springs, CO. Black Forest, CO. It is a small town completely encompassed in an old, enormous, and RARE species of pine tree. There are only 2 “Black Forests” in the entire world. 1 is this one, and the other is in Europe. I fear that with how much dead ground cover there is everywhere in that town, and how dry and hot it has been the past few weeks, that this fire is gonna burn hot and fast. I pray that everyone gets out with there lives, that the Firemen remain safe while they do their job, and that they can get it out as fast and safely as possible.


  1. is that it?
    7 days ago and you are done?

  2. No. That is not it. I posted more blogs today, and I still need to post West Virginia and Virginia. :) My husbands job is remote contract work. We will be here in Richmond for a couple months now (not sure exactly how long), then we'll be off to the next state. Contracts can run anywhere from 6 weeks to years. We are hoping for a bunch of shorter contracts so we can see a lot of stuff and places along the way, but ultimately, we will follow the $ and he will do a good job working to ensure that that continues.

    When we are in between projects, we would like to take our time getting to our next destination. We have a lot of stuff on our RVing bucket list and would like to tick those off. Also, if any of our family or friends are on the way, we would like to stop in and hang out with them for a bit too.

  3. Awesome! some reading, cool and thanks.


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