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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And We’re Off…Finally!!!

One more goodbye to one of the other Elites…Sar & his doggy Athena. He will also be greatly missed!


Before we left, we finished up our last minute laundry, I ran my Mom’s laptop back to her so she’ll have something to Skype with us on. While I was doing that, DH’s Dad was heading off to work, but not before he hugged and kissed our girls and DH goodbye. (We shared our goodbye before I ran over to my Mom’s). I’m sure it was tearful, so I couldn’t bear to stick around and watch. Once returning to my in-laws home from my Mom’s, we packed up the last of our things, our clean laundry as well, loaded up the boys (our cats) and girls and ourselves. I said about 5 goodbyes to my Ma-in-law, and through incredibly teary eyes, we waved goodbye as we pulled out of sight of her home.


The Black Forest fire has grown completely out of control…from this angle, it looks like the entire town is on fire. 


We weren’t even out of the city before the girls fell asleep. It was a good thing they did, too, because they missed the 2 exciting times we had to pull off the road immediately. We were maybe 15-20 minutes away from his parents’ home when we had to pull over for those first 2 times.

The first time, DH had asked me if we remembered to shut off the propane tank and switch the fridge to A/C. Of course we hadn’t, so we pulled over and handled that. That wasn’t an issue. At least we were able to pull off of the highway onto a road running parallel to it. However, when we pulled back ON to Highway 24, our left sway stabilizer bar popped out of its connection. We were freaking out as we had to listen to the chain/bar drag along the highway under our hitch assembly. We had no idea if it would disconnect altogether and mess our RV up as it disappeared behind us.

Fortunately, it stayed connected at the one end and just dragged along while we pulled the RV over on the side of the busy highway. We jumped out, grabbed our tools, and re-connected it as speeding cars flew past us, just inches away. The little clip that holds it in place is a poorly designed item. It sucks really. This little bump in the road only took a couple minutes to resolve and we were back on the road, again, on our way to Virginia.

To everyone we left back there in that beautiful state, we love you all and are looking forward to seeing you again soon!


See ya later colorful Colorado!!!

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