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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time With Grandma

I wish... tree Grandma & MHG Gma & MHG What a Ham Nice try Grandma, but she's a Bears fan! Aweeee Bambi

Today, our eldest (Monster High Girl-MHG) spent the day with Grandma while we cleaned up my in-laws garage. My DH (darling husband) has kept his tools and manly belongings there his whole life because we’ve never had a garage of our own. After decades of having his stuff there, his parents were pretty happy to start seeing their garage again, lol! We sorted through his tools and stuff, got rid of a bunch of things and finally started deciding what was coming with us. My Mother-in-law watched Cindy so we could get it all done.
MHG and Grandma walked around her property enjoying the wildlife and scenery. MHG was pretty excited to be able to photograph a deer. They had a fun time together.

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