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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Settling In

So, my girls and I have been super busy this week unpacking, organizing our home, & finally trying to relax!
I was able to put the Command removable clips up around the ceiling, so I could hang the xmas lights and floral strands all around the room. It turned out super pretty!

I put the trees up as well. The huge tree, with silk leaves covering it, is on the wall to the right, if you first walk into the room from the hallway. It covers most of the wall.

I have been hanging onto this cool bulletin board scene for months now that my Mom got me. It's a tree with several branches that you individually place on it. There are several individual green leaves, a handful of autumn leaves, several acorns, and a few critters. We got some double-sided removable tape & taped every single thing that we ended up putting on the wall. My eldest had a creative idea to save two of the branches & place them on either side of the doorway to give it the look of also being a tree. It turned out really cute. That girl of mine can come up with the coolest ideas sometimes. (You can see it in the first picture above.)

I unpacked ALL of our homeschooling...err...roadschooling gear & put it up on the shelves. I even managed to get rid of some items that I formerly refused to part with.

I attached the "grass"material to the bottom of the bottom bunk to hide all the stuff under it. That orange thing in the picture below is a bean bag chair.

My Mom took the chair and desk away today. She said there wasn't enough room in there, so she replaced it with a square plastic bench that she cut the back out of to contain the litter box. What an ordeal. I worked so freaking hard on that desk, and yesterday I wasted an hour, apparently, upholstering the chair with the leftover grass fabric.

Aside from their room, I've managed to take a few hot showers, which were actually decently long...however, the low water pressure stinks. I'm not sure if that just comes along with the RVing territory, or if it's a malfunction? I'm hoping for the latter, so my hubby can fix it.

The girls have each enjoyed some baths & they look so cute in our mini tub. Neither complained, but they certainly don't have room to bathe together anymore.

I've done the dishes everyday since we've moved in, & I gotta say that I wish I had even just a 10" countertop. It makes it quite challenging, but, I've managed.

I've cooked, for real (no microwave) nearly every night, and aside from my pathetic cheddar biscuits (pretty sure that was operator error) it's been interesting...but not in a bad way. Once again, a 10" countertop extension would certainly come in handy! Also, my hubby has GOT to do the pantry conversion to install those shelves that slide out. I can never find what I want because I have to like dive in...literally! They're super deep. I'm sure that'll be a cinch for him though.

My biscuits ended up looking like pancake puke! They did taste good though.
We cloth diaper and so I HAVE to have hot water to wash them. Our on-site laundry facilities here do not have hot water, so I had to go into town today to find a laundromat. I hate doing laundry at the laundromat, so I'm already looking into one of those portable washing machines...might be worth it? I used waaaaay too much soap while washing diapers though. It was quite comical.

Believe it or not, there ARE diapers in there took 3 huge towels to mop up all those suds!
Everything else has been a dream. We are still loving our new be honest, I'm actually loving it more and more everyday, especially as I work through the bumps along the road. :) I feel incredibly blessed.
Here's a few more pictures from our week of bliss:

The sun setting on my mountain.  ;)
I made a friend. Isn't he/she pirty?

Grandma with the girls.
"Mommy, are you out there? I think I hear you out there somewhere?"
"Oh! There you are Mommy!"
I read somewhere once, that the sign of a positive-energy flowing and peaceful home is a lazy, completely content cat.
I'd say that we have a pretty peaceful, positive-energy flowing home. These cats are always lying around, all sprawled out and napping.
Thank you honey for making this dream of ours a reality. We cannot wait to see you soon!


  1. Zoe, thanks for blogging all this, I've enjoyed it so far, and will read the rest for sure!
    I always start at the beginning.

    On the water pressure, we use a Shurflo Extreme water pump, it provides 55 psi of pressure, which is as much as any sticks and bricks house.

    In campgrounds, you just never know, some may have 75 psi, some 30... we just use their water to keep our tack full, and that big onboard water pump to provide our needs.

  2. as for your lack of comments...

    The captcha is a beetch. turn it off.
    The login is a beetch too. oddly, I am typing / reading with an android tablet, and it still required me to sep[arately login to my google account (something I rarely use.)

    get the addon for "facebook logon" and you will get a lot more comments.

    Be sure to keep it set so all comments have to be reviewed and aproved by you.

    1. Hey Jim, how do I get the facebook logon (login?) option for my blog? Any help much appreciated! Thanks!

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