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Monday, May 13, 2013

Moving to Mountains on Mother's Day!

So we have moved our little family to Rocky Top RV park in the mountains. So far, it is absolutely incredible, the staff is bending over backwards to help me out and the scenery is breathtaking.

Our parents are already really sad that we've left, and we miss them just as much, but I've gotta say, that everytime I walk out my front door and see those mountains, it takes my breath away. 

My in-laws incredibly awesome neighbor towed the RV up to the site, parked and leveled it and showed me how to hook everything up. He also has family up here and so after he was done saving the day for me, he was able to visit with them, which was cool.

As dinnertime approached, I realized I didn't have hot water. I called the Neighbor and after he walked me through the couple of things he thought it could be, he told me he was at a loss and to call Jedi. Jedi tried to help, but there's only so much you can do when you aren't looking right at the thing. He wished me luck and I ended up calling the owners of the RV park. The wife sent her husband up to help me and it turned out the Neighbor and I de-winterized all of the lines EXCEPT the ones running TO the water heater. Oops. So, he turned a couple levers and went outside and opened the "blow-off?" valve to release the air in the lines until water started running out. All was well and within seconds I had hot water. I called the Neighbor back to tell him thanks again and that I got the water heater working and "How do I light the stove?" Lol. He walked me through it and after I successfully lit it, he bid me farewell and in 25 minutes we were eating a half over-cooked, half-undercooked Dijourno pizza, haha! I've heard you need to put either a pizza stone or a terra cotta tile in the bottom of the oven to disperse the heat more evenly, so I'll be picking that up this week sometime. I refuse to burn cookies. ;)

After an incredibly long day, my in-laws had left a couple hours before my Mom and she left around 6:30. I had the girls in bed and both passed out by 7pm to leave me to enjoy my long awaited and well-deserved Rum & Diet Pepsi. I spoke to my Hubby one more time and made a couple other phone calls. By 10pm, I was out cold in my toasty, warm RV enjoying my cozy blanket.

Thank you to everyone yesterday who helped me get here, unpacked, full-functioning and also for keeping a watchful eye over my girls. I know we're in good hands here and now we're just going to enjoy it while it lasts...before DH comes home to hitch us up and take us back to Virginia with him in a couple weeks.

Follow that RV!
Heading up the Pass...

Happy Mother's Day to me! My girls got me lots of cute things that'll come in handy for the RV.

Stealing my girls for a Mother's Day pic!

Enjoying the playground!

If you lived here, you'd be home now.  :)

My rig on site with its gorgeous Mountain behind it!


  1. Your rv is awesome and you and the girls are absolutely beautiful! Your mom should come up and spend a weekend before you leave! I am sooo enjoying following your blog! ty!

    1. She came up quite a bit after we moved up there, and was even able to spend the weekend with us!


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