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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Moving Madness!

A LOT has happened in the past couple weeks!

I stained and Pip installed the new trim around the ceiling, wall corners, where the panels separate and the rear exit door frame. It is stunning!!! We also installed the girls' side rails so they woudn't fall out of bed.


We moved into the RV and broke our apartment lease on April 27th. For the record, I'm never moving without my Husband here, ever again. On the plus side, I was rewarded with the most gorgeous Full Moon that night! We've spent the past week unpacking, putting stuff away, organizing and tying up loose ends.

Just wish my honey was here...over 4 years of wonderful memories in this apartment were left behind this day. My oldest went through her 1st day of school, 1st missing teeth, 1st day of homeschool and many more wonderful memories. I gave birth to my youngest here in the bathtub! It will be missed.
Everything was everywhere!!! But it was fun moving in!

On Saturday, May 4th, my in-laws received a letter from Code Enforcement stating we had until May 13th to either move the RV back another 5 feet (we can't) and stop living in it, or they'll get fined $100, summoned to court, and possibly a lein placed on their property. Somebody ratted us out...and/or a very disgruntled neighbor must have called on us. That's too bad in this day and age when the person that was upset enough to call Code on us, couldn't have confronted us first. Whatever. Everything happens for a reason.

Here's the girls' room in the still has a LOOOONG way to go, but everything is moved in at least. Now I need to decorate, organize, hide clutter and eventually put stuff away.
So, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I managed to take out a Progressive Full-timer's policy on Hope (our RV), get to the DMV to acquire the license, registration, tags and title. I also got a new hitch jack, and installed it all by myself!

The old, crappy and broken hitch jack...
I got it out...that was easy...hope it goes in just as easy too...
Yep, definitely easy. Now if only the old foot fit on the end of the new jack like the guy at Camping World said it would... That's ok. We'll probably end up replacing that too with a caster instead.
Our RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME neighbor agreed to move us to a really nice RV Park up in the mountains on Sunday, and help me de-winterize the plumbing lines on this coming Saturday.

Hubby & I's room is coming along nicely, Here it is with the ambient xmas lighting.
Here it is with the lights on...and my Kitty.
Everything is going according to plan...except that my furnace decided to stop blowing out heated air a few days ago. Not sure what's gonna happen with that, but worst case scenario, I can just keep using the massive electric fireplace on loan from my in-laws until further notice. The only downside with that, is that the only place I can put it is in the hallway blocking the bathroom entrance, so it is in the way, but you do what you gotta do!

With the help of Pip, I managed to finish the desk and get it into the girls' room. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! My oldest helped me get the knobs and handles on it and she's THRILLED! The cats are going in and out of their kitty door checking it out. I've held off on putting the litter box in it, because I want them to familiarize themselves with it first.

The desk turned out incredibly irridescent! It's soooo pretty, it looks a lot like Tiger's Eye!

My baby girl is sick with a cold and therefore incredibly clingy and grouchy and I don't blame her one bit. Simultaneously, I found out last week that she has 3 cavitites that need fillings, which will require her to be sedated to fix. The earliest they can get her in for that is June 3rd, so we can't head to VA as soon as I'd like, but I refuse to let some strange dentist out there touch her. So, she's utterly miserable and I wish I could just take all her pain away, but nothing's working. She's just gotta hang in there a couple more weeks.

My oldest girl is a complete angel. Last Wednesday she had a talent show at her Home School public school she attends once a week for all the extra-curricular stuff I have a hard time providing her with for the time being. She performed a piano song that she learned in 2 days. I was so very, very proud of her! (She played it PERFECT!)

She's been helping me out with the RV, her little sister and happily doing any Homeschool work I provide her with. She complains very little, is going to miss her grandparents and friends, but can't wait to be back with her Father again...we all can't wait for that day.

In the meantime, as I prepare the RV to be moved, i'm also trying to find a big truck capable of hauling this bad boy and that's not as easy as it sounds. I need a big engine (6.0 liter-probably an F-250+ or a RAM or Chevy 2500+), a crew/extended cab and we're still undecided if we should go the gasoline or deisel route? We need all of this with low miles and for under $8k...preferrably. If anybody has any leads and is in the Colorado Springs area, let me know! P.S. I'd like to buy it ASAP! I wanna try to head to VA June we would like to get it before then.

Well, I apologize for taking so long to blog, but life has been incredibly hectic! Hope all is going well for everyone!


  1. I've been reading through your blog and am AWED by your handiness; remodeling the RV, sewing the curtains, installing the hitch!!! Can I be you when I grow up :). (do not remind me that I'm probably at least ten years your senior.) Don't get me started on your yoga abilities! I'm envious! ;)

    Glad I met you on Facebook and stumbled in here!

    1. You're too kind! My handiness is definitely a product of my Grandparents' influences on me in my life. My Grandpa could fix or build anything and my Grandma could create anything. They were amazing teacher's and pretty much anything I know how to do, I owe it to them. (Although, a lot of the recent woodworking skills have been taught to me by my Husband.) Thanks for your compliment! I really enjoy working with my hands!

      As a side note, don't sell yourself short at all! Looking through your blog I love all the crafty ideas you do with your children! I especially love the magickal birdhouses your kids did! I would love to do that with my girls! Such a great idea! Like tiny little faery houses!!!

  2. We ended up not bringing the desk. It was such a good idea, but even though I completely lined the inside cubby for the cats with contact paper, the whole thing stunk to high heavens like pee! It didn't matter how many times I wiped it out. We only had it in use for a week, so I'd hate to know how bad that thing/their room/our whole rv would smell by now!


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