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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Family Visits

I'm pretty sure I've said this already, but in case I haven't, my hubby is flying in TOMORROW afternoon!!! We're gonna do a couple things on thursday to prep for leaving, Friday we're going to hopefully truck shop (maybe even buy one). That evening, Saturday and Sunday our friends are coming up to camp in their pop-up so they can hang out with us before we take off. Next week, we're going to finish whatever is left that my Husband wants to wrap up before we leave and hopefully departure date is Saturday, June 8th. Once my Hubby gets in, I highly doubt he's going to have time to entertain guests, throw a good-bye party, or anything like that, so I invited all the family up this past weekend to hang out with the girls (for potentially the last time).

My Mom came up Saturday morning, hung out, helped me tie up loose ends around here, spent the night and left the next day. Sunday, my in-laws arrived, took us to lunch, hung out and left a little bit later. My bestie (Tiger) her daughter (M&M's), and Husband (Jedi) were headed back from the mountains (off-roading), so they stopped by for a quick visit as well. It was a lovely day of lots of socializing!

Here's some pics of our weekend with family.

We had a cook-out with Grandma! She brought us up some hot dogs, corn on the cob and few other items. I got a fire going, threw on the griddle and started cooking our corn. It was delicious! My Monster High Girl (MHG) enjoyed roasting the hot dogs over the fire for everyone.

Yes. I am THIS Mom...sometimes. I never used the leash with MHG, but she always listened to me and stayed right by my side. Cindy on the other hand, is the kid that will bolt out right into oncoming vehicles at the first chance she gets. It'll be nice when my DH gets back, because then I can ditch the leash and stay with her while he's doing whatever.

My Mom brought the girls up some water guns. Thank goodness, too, because it was 80 all weekend! It didn't take Cindy but two shots til she figured out how they worked. She was a pretty good shot too!

After I got the girls to bed, I made my Mom and I a drink and we hung out by the fire talking til midnight. We were treated to the most dazzling sight! That Full Moon coming up over the mountain was just utterly breathtaking!

Yeah, I'm 100% against wearing animals...but my Mom has had this ugly hat forever and wanted a pic of Cindy in it. That girl can look cute in anything.

Once my in-laws arrived, they got a pic of us with Grandma before she left.  We love you Grandma!!

For some reason, this is the only pic I took the whole time my in-laws were up...  :(  They came up, we went to Mangia! Mangia! for a delicious lunch, hit up Wal*Mart for a few items and came back home to play for a bit.

I did get a pic with Tiger, M&M's, and Jedi, but per Tiger's request, I won't be posting it. She's so silly, but I liv her!  ;)

Once they left, the girls and I cooked out over the fire again, and after that they went straight to bed and passed out immediately. The sun was still barely up, and when I came outside, I finally got a chance to watch the sunset. It was soooooo pirty.

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