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Sunday, April 7, 2013

My RVing Bucket List

This is a day of packing up the apartment and sorting stuff. Between the RV, storage unit, stuff to donate and stuff to throw away or recycle, there's still a few things left to go through. My toddler, I will call her Cindy (short for Cinderella because she's always losing a shoe) on my blog, is napping currently. Because she is napping, I cannot go through my bathroom which is my current area of interest to pack.

While taking a break, I started daydreaming. Many opportunities are going to stem from our future lifestyle...opportunities we would never have had, had we decided to stay put.  This got me thinking...once we hitch up and head out to my Husband's next job location, what will we get to see along the way? I have no idea where the next job lies, but here is my list of places I'd love to see, if given the opportunity:

1. The Redwood Giants: Massive trees in Northern California

2. The Grand Canyon

3. The 4-Corners: Where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico & Arizona intersect (I wanna do a backbend-Wheel Pose with a different limb in each state!)

4. Niagara Falls

5. Yellowstone National Park: I wanna see all the different colored water ponds & Old Faithful

6. The Pacific Ocean (I've already seen the Atlantic...which was wicked cool!) I'd really like to see it while visiting Oregon

7. The Appalachian trees during the Fall

8. San Francisco: The shopping, the Golden Gate Bridge, the house where "Charmed" was filmed...I dunno, it just seems like my kind of place

9. Seattle: I'd love to go whale watching, shop at some used books stores, and check out the Space Needle

10. I've told my Darling Husband that we should get into Geocaching as well...sounds like something fun we could do with the girls on the weekend

Well, this list is by no means complete. There are a billion other things I would like to see and do. This is just what came to my mind immediately.

If you were in our shoes, where would you want to go and what would you want to see? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I agree seeing the Appalachian Mountains and the Red Woods of California would be most exciting to see. I would also like to see Mt. Rushmore someday as well.

  2. Yay! You gave me my first comment on either blog! Thank you!

    Yes, planning a route home from Virginia, we wanna check out D.C., visit your Uncle in Ohio, my pseudo-Dad, my Aunt, swing up & over to see Mt. Rushmore then come home.


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