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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Marathon Sewing Session

Today, in between Homeschooling my Monster High Girl (my eldest-"MHG") and chasing around Cindy (my youngest-Cinderella) I was able to squeeze in a marathon sewing session, which ran into late this evening (about 11pm). It was boring, tedious and redundant work, but it had to be done.

I had to sew the white curtains. These used to be up in our windows so outside all you could see was couldn't see our pretty purple or pink or gold curtains. They are plain Jane, but, they are the room darkening and cold/hot blocking energy saver kinds. I butchered all of them and turned them into the curtain backs that I will be putting on the ACTUAL curtains I will make...hopefully later this week. *Fingers crossed.

They all took forever, as I had to make 5 sets of 2 each, then I had to sew the velcro back on the inside so they can be sealed shut nicely when closed.

P.S. I sold my kitchen table...and I actually have NO table or anything to use as a sewing station. I was sewing all day on the floor hunched over my machine. I DO NOT advise this. My back is killing me now.

P.P.S. Here are "Before" pics of the interior upholstery. Hideous. It's like Tan and Maroon...and the cornices (those stupid wooden things that go over the doors and some windows) are even worse with their "plaid" look they've got goin' on.

I'm not feelin' the whole maroon/tan/green scheme. Check back in later this week to *hopefully* see the after pics. I'll definitely have the curtains changed...but I have to acquire a few different sized staples/staple guns for the reupholstering...and I'm not sure funds will allow that just yet. But, at the very least, I can improve those ugly curtains. (Seriously, they don't even match the cornices!)

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