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Monday, April 15, 2013

For The Dollhouses

On Sunday, Dad (my father-in-law) helped me out, while my Mom organized things up front in the RV & Ma (my mother-in-law) watched our girls. I drew up some blueprints for my Monster High girls' 2 dollhouses. I have to make 2 table-like stands to elevate them off the floor, flush with the top of the wheel well on her side of the room. If I hadn't have done that, there would be nowhere to put them. Although I'm pretty good with a sander, I've yet to learn the inner workings of a table & miter (mider sp?) saw. I enlisted the help of Dad, & with Pip's table saw, we were able to get all the boards cut to precision.

Yesterday, I drilled all the holes to assemble them.

Hopefully this weekend, i'm going to sand, prime & paint them. The paint will be that of their walls, so as to blend in with the wheel wells.

I set them up, set the dollhouse on top & they are a perfect fit! I'm leaving them open underneath for added storage. My MHG loves them already!

On a side note, I need to get the paint off the lino. It isn't latex, it is enamel, but it IS water-based so I'm pretty sure mineral spirits will do the trick?

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