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Monday, April 22, 2013

Duct Tape & Miscellaneous

It was decided that, I had to bring back the wooden bunkbed the RV came with, and reassemble it. It was also decided that, the wood of said bunkbed was treacherous with it splintering all over the place. My Mom decided that, she and I needed to duct tape the entire thing in order to best protect the girls.

I wanted to avoid that by stapling or hot gluing fabric around the wood, but my Mom decided those were both bad ideas.

We ended up wrapping every square inch of wood in white hvac grade heavy duty duct least on all the exposed wood. I didn't do the stuff facing the wall, cuz it was unreachable by them. That is, until I realized the bunkbed & desk weren't going to allow my daughter thru to climb up, lol! I used every bit of tape up, then I had to move the bed against the other wall leaving more wood that needed to be taped. Humph!

So that is that. They now have their space-saving bed back, allowing me more storage options under it. It's a win-win.

Now, I've also done a couple other things...the stands for the dollhouses are done and look perfect. I primed, painted and installed them and they are a perfect fit and match. However, with the L-shaped stand installed, I discovered the desk goes 4" past the door. This is a problem. So, yesterday, Pip and I were going to cut off the square on the right of that L-shaped stand, but we ran out of time. This will allow me to move the desk down about 6", thereby not blocking the rear exit door.

I, also, put up my eldest daughter's two super-long homeschooling shelves, a fee days ago. One along each wall. These will end up holding several books, bins, compartments & containers for all her homeschooling needs. I am not willing to sacrifice her educational needs to save space. That is of the utmost importance.

I was unsure as to how long it would be until we got the trim back up in there so, I went ahead and painted the walls all the way to the ceiling. This was a good thing, because 2 days ago, Pip and I started brainstorming on the trim. He's pretty sure it can be done inexpensively, but we definitely will not be pricing the super fancy crown moulding, I originally had priced.  Yesterday, we took down all relevant measurements and went to price the trim that is probably only an inch...maybe and a half...wide (the right angle corner trim) and flat trim for where each of the panels join up. We ended up getting all the trim minus the hallway door & floor trim for $70. Not too shabby.

I've been getting a lot of stuff moved into the RV. For the record, before anything goes into it, the items get weighed and documented on an excel spreadsheet. I made that to keep track of not only our theoretical weight, but also a rough inventory of our belongings. Once everything is moved in, we'll have loaded about 1500lbs so far. I have not taken into account my Husband's tools or his other (quite heavy) belongings. Although, he's not wanting to store his tools onboard, I guess. (Good, cuz there's no room). We have a GVWR of 10,000lbs about and our dry weight is roughly 6,000. Fluids run about 1,000lbs when topped off.

Yesterday, Pip stained and did the first coat of poly on the desk I sanded for me. I cannot wait to see it all finished. It's going to be gorgeous!

Today, I took over our "dressers" & mounted them for safety, made the top bunk up with some foam as a temporary mattress, mounted the curtain rods & measured for the curtains. I have to alter them a bit longer. I put away the rest of my stuff & dokie of my husband's.

P.S. My Husband and I would like to specially thank Jedi, the Viking Barbarian & Pip for moving our stuff to storage Sunday for us. You guys are the greatest of friends and we appreciate all your help!

P.P.S. As soon as I have real internet (blogger from my phone kinda sucks) I'll put the pix in the correct order. For now, you'll just have to guess. ;)

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