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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ceiling: Round 2 and Walls

I googled how to fade paint...gradient style...and I was not disappointed. I found numerous websites and after practicing on paper last night, I attempted it today on the ceiling. I was quite pleased...impressed with my skills, actually. I took pics, once finished, but keep in mind that the paint is still wet.

I used Behr Premium Plus Semi-Gloss paint in the same two colors I used the first time. Those were flat though. I started by painting a stripe with my "Best" (option from Home Depot) roller. Then, I added a smidge of the Azurite, mixed together and painted the next stripe with the same roller. I took a chip brush, and spastically went back and forth over the line where they intersected. Once that was finished, I went length-wise down the blended line to make it look nice. I proceeded to do that with the rest of the ceiling. With every new stripe, I added a bit more Azurite to darken the paint. It turned out awesome. Unfortunately, the pictures do no do it any justice, whatsoever.

Here's a pic of ceiling standing at the back of the room looking toward the front.

Once the ceiling was finished, I painted the walls with Behr Premium Plus Semi-Gloss paint in Martha Stewart's "Frost" color. It really is white, but after I got done in there and stepped into the hallway, it looked more blue than white. I'm pretty sure that's cuz of the ceiling reflecting off of it? I don't mind, and I think it'll tone down a lot once the room is packed full of everything...bed, tree, toys, desk, books, etc.


Once the paint is dry, I'm going to go over the darker part of the ceiling in an incredibly sheer paint that has gold glitter in it. It'll give it a "mystical" look I think. Once that's all dry, then the glow-in-the-dark stars go up and I'm finished.

Well, i'll really be finished once the crown moulding, trim and carpet goes in, and the furniture, stuff and kids...but who's keepin' track?

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