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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paint Prepping & Priming

Yesterday, I headed to the RV to begin the process of prepping the walls to be painted. It sucked, lemme tell ya. But, it had to be done. Apparently, the walls are not wallpapered, like I originally had thought. It is, in fact, vinyl adhered to luan board at the factory. It is not something that you can just peel off. Oooh no. There is an actual process that you have to  follow, step-by-step, or you will ruin your walls. Intimidating as it is, I have a great vision for our girls' room, and it doesn't involve garish, vinyl-adhered luan board.

You must begin the process by washing down the walls (& ceiling if you're painting that, too) & drying them off. This is especially important, to remove any grease or oil build-up. Then, you must thoroughly sand them down with fine grit sandpaper. I used 150-grit. Pip lent me his powered hand sander to cut me a little slack. It was still incredibly back -breaking, arm-vibrating work, but I can only imagine how hard it'd be to do it all by hand. My husband is probably laughing at my weakness to sanding right now. He used to install hardwood floors for a living & that meant tons of the sanding I did today...only harder...& he rarely complained.

Anyways, I digress. After everything is sanded, you must then wipe down everything with a "tack towel". That's just a fancy name for any towel that is damp, apparently. This step is crucial...and tricky. The key here is to always move in a fluid back and forth direction, never going over the same spot twice. You CANNOT back-track. Otherwise, you'll just end up smearing the sanding dust to other spots, never actually removing it. Also, I suggest getting a new rag, with fresh water on it, everytime you lift it to move to a new section. That, or you go rinse it out in the sink after everytime you lift it. I just cut up an old towel into several rags. I used one rag per panel, never lifting it until that panel was wiped in entirety. I had to wipe down each panel two, sometimes three times. The three ceiling panels had to be wiped down 4 times each. The sanding & wiping down of the ceiling was always hardest, cuz my arms were above my head for such long lengths of time.

Every two hours of work, I had to take a 5-minute yoga break. It was the only way I could keep up my endurance. I gotta say, it certainly did the trick, cuz after every yoga break I took, I was a new woman.

Last, but not least, the windows, light fixtures, switches & a/c unit had to all be taped off. Though that was tedious work, it certainly wasn't difficult. After a 10-hour day, I called it quits.

My girls and I went home to try out our new sleeping arrangements. Sunday, I spent the entire day moving them and all their stuff from their room to mine. Then, I moved all our "to be moved" stuff into their room. One side is lined with boxes & totes destined for our storage unit. The other side is lined with stuff intended for the RV. In the middle of the room, is my eldest daughter's bunkbed, meant for my friend's daughter. Now, everything is separated, ready to be hauled out easily on moving day (whenever that is), & no longer posing a lethal threat to any climbing toddlers.

Our bedroom is so funny now. It consists of a line of beds on the floor, and toys everywhere. It worked though. The girls passed out instantly, leaving me a few minutes to take a much deserved hot shower.


Today, I finally got to paint. I should mention here, that apparently, you CANNOT use any other type of primer than Oil-Based. I don't know what happens if you don't use oil-based, but evidentally, it isn't good. All the research I did, on painting rv walls, turned out Oil-Based. I have found that it doesn't matter what type of paint you use after you prime with that. For the record, I used Kilz Oil-Based primer for the walls AND ceiling.

I started with trim painting the ceiling. Don't forget to stir the paint before you start.

Then, I painted the whole ceiling. That was uncomfortable, yet fast and easy.

Once the ceiling was finished, I finished the rest of the trim paint.


Once that was done, I called my oldest daughter out to help me paint the walls. It was a lotta fun for us. I think she enjoyed it the most. It took about an hour, then we ran out of paint after using up our 3rd quart. I had to send my mom to Wal*Mart to get one more quart. I should note, that Wal*Mart didn't have a gallon of the paint available that I needed...that's why I ended up buying 4 quarts. Once she returned, after 15 more minutes of painting, the room was finished. Well, the priming was finished at least. Now, we have to convene to discuss and pick the ACTUAL colors of the room.

Thank you to Pip for your help and advice with the painting process. (He's a professional painter, along with professional hardwood floor installer. He's a very handy guy to have around to obtain knowledge from!) I am incredibly thankful for everything you've done for us so far!

I also just wanted to give a "Shout Out!" to my Mom. Without her help and support I would've been, and would still be, lost. Thank you Mom. I love you very much! You're the best!

To my Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law, thank you you guys for watching our girls so we can do all of this! Thank you also for letting us park it in your driveway while we wait to purchase the truck to tow it somewhere else. You two have unending patience with my Husband and I. You two are Saints and we love you very much!!!

To my awesome, incredibly trusting Husband...thank you for not freaking out on me when this bedroom didn't go according to plan. I know I was supposed to just start with one wall panel...but I had faith that it would all turn out ok, and that's why I went ahead and just did the whole room. And look! It turned out perfect! (I was right.)  ;)  Everything will go smoothly from here, since there's no sign of the walls disagreeing with being painted.

I love you darling.

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