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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fairy Forest Themed Bedroom

So, after discussing & drawing up a few different plans for their room, my daughter wants me to decorate their room pretty much the way it used to be. She wants a fairy forest theme, with a few added changes. This time, she would like me to paint a dark blue ceiling, then sponge over it with a dark purple. I think she wants kind of a mystical look to it. Then, of course, she wants me to put up tons of the glow-in-the-dark stars on it. I agreed, as long as I can paint the walls a very faint whitish-blue.

She also wants green carpet to give the floor a somewhat grassy look. We're still trying to decide if we should go with a light or dark green? Each has its pros and cons. Dark won't show the inevitable stains, but it'll probably make the room look smaller since the ceiling will be dark. Light will keep the room looking bigger, yet every stain will show up clear as day. Maybe we can find the actual green color of grass...a shade right in the middle?

On the wall, we will put her tree back up. There is a pic of the tree I made her on my other blog.

My husband picked the trim out that will go back up on the walls, floor, ceiling & door frame. It will be stained a medium-dark brown, & it has leaves in a vine etched into it that add such gorgeous detail. I will stain the desk and bunk bed the same color so it is all uniform.

After that is all said and done, I will hang up white Christmas lights around the ceiling perimeter & fake flower & ivy vines over those. Some strands i'll have hanging down. Those will probably be in the corners of the room.

Yesterday, I took her to Home Depot to pick out paint & carpet samples, but we need to go back and hunt out a more perfect green this time. Wish us luck!

Here is a pic of the drawing I did for her. Don't laugh. The artistic gene hit my cousin, but missed me by a long shot!