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Monday, March 11, 2013

Commence Construction

Yesterday was a blur. We did so much, that I forgot to mention our buddy, Jedi, that helped us start troubleshooting our electricity. Our only deep cycle battery had sat so long, it didn't have enough juice, to help our generator get going. My Darling Husband (DH) & Jedi both met in HVAC-R school years ago. They know their electricity, so Jedi fired up his truck to use to just make sure our RV's electricity even worked (it did), and DH figured out some connection wiring was faulty (easily fixed). Thanks Jedi & DH!

Today, we started the demolition/replacements/improvements. I took our headboard shelf out & switched it to the other end, so my honey could install it for me. We will be using that shelf to house our tv, computer, printer &  who knows what else & we don't want it blocking our only emergency escape window.  Also, you'll be able to see the tv from the kitchen, hallway & slide.  At the original place, you'd only be able to see it from the front door lol.



Next, Hubby & I took out the too big jacknife sofa, separately attached arm rests, the hideous carpet, tacky wall border, valance, curtains & overhead cupboards that were in the slide. Here are the cupboards we took down from above. They are resting on the raised floor of the slide for the time being.

We are going to use the cupboards, in front, of the side, of the bed, on the floor. They will stick out about 10" from the side of the bed and down a couple inches from the bottom of our mattress. I am going to make a long cushion to go on top of it, to incorporate additional seating. We do have to cut the cupboards one short, so the remaining cupboard is going in the girls' room. I got the idea to incorporate the sofa arm rests, as small nightstand shelves, for our cell phones & maybe a couple other tiny items. Waste not!
Here's the god awful curtain valances and curtains:

Slide Before:

Slide After:

With the sofa & cupboards gone, it opened up that slide a ton! DH is going to custom build a mini-dinette. The bench seats will double as more storage/seating area for 4, & he's also going to make the table top removable, to be stored, most likely, behind the dollhouse in the girls' room. With the table top removed, it will allow you an excellent view of our electric fireplace, that will be under the slide window, against the wall.

I, also, removed the remaining ugly border, throughout the kitchen, the valances above the doors & windows, & the nasty curtains. I will be reupholstering the valances & making new room darkening/insulating curtains.

The ugly border and valance that was removed from the kitchen:

In the girls' room, DH & his friend, Pip, dismantled one of the bunkbeds & got it out, to open up the room immensely! Once the other one was turned, to be flush against the rear wall, we couldn't believe how much room our girls will have to play! DH & Pip have a combined experience of probably 15-20 years in the woodworking industry (hardwood flooring), so they're going to make the remaining bunkbed prettier.  Round edges, sand, rebuild, stain, make bolts flush, add side rails & shelves. I'm excited to see how that'll turn out. It'll rock!



After (July 31, 2013) Please forgive their messy room:

I think that's all we did today...I'm exhausted.


  1. You know, by the time your girls are teenagers, everything you took out will be hip again. :-P

  2. Dear God I hope not! Lol, it was just so ugly...and boring! I like color...bright colors!


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